Vegan skincare brand AFFOREST has launched their pioneering jackfruit skincare range. Featuring a gel crème moisturiser, a nighttime serum, under eye cream, and foaming face wash, the line exemplifies their vision and mission to embrace and protect the forest.

AFFOREST believes that jackfruit is a magic ingredient in the treatment of pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. The superfruit contains active ingredients vitamin C, which boosts skin-firming collagen, and vitamin A and retinoids which delay ageing. Like all AFFOREST products, the jackfruit line of skincare products is completely vegan, cruelty-free, and free of harmful ingredients such as parabens and toxins. They pride themselves on being organic, well-researched, and always close to earth. AFFOREST’s previous launch, the green coffee range of skincare, also brought to life their vision of a sustainable, earth-focused skincare line. Every AFFOREST product promises to deliver potent concentrations of botanical extracts known for nourishing vitamins, essential lipids, anti-ageing, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that enrich them with the best that forests have to offer.

AFFOREST is also unique for its forest rangers programme. All customers of AFFOREST can become part of the forest ranger scheme, where they undertake pledges to preserve the forest. Their afforestation programmes and journeys also allow all to give back and contribute to the longevity of the earth’s natural environment.

Yukta Raghu, the founder of AFFOREST, hails from Coorg, Bengaluru, which has inspired the products she has developed. In her development process, she has emphasized on connecting directly with the consumers in order to gain and incorporate their valuable feedback. They have also strived to maintain small product batches to maintain the quality of their exotic products. In their future journey as a company, they hope to uphold their values of transparency, integrity, and authenticity.