StyleSpeak brings you an overview of spas that have won awards for their unique interiors

Spa culture is among the rising trends in the beauty industry, certainly because of the relaxing and rejuvenating services provided by them. However, the interior of these spas is what builds a calming vibe enticing the guests to forget their stress and indulge in a peaceful session. It resonates the concept of the spa and acts as an attraction for the customers while setting the tone. Here is a round-up of some of the winning spas selected for their spa concept and design which might serve as an inspiration for your next project.

9 Spas That Won Spa Awards in 2023 for their Design!
Pure Senses Spa, Greece

Located on Greece’s Crete Island, Pure Senses Spa, awarded for Best Interior Design is a calming mix of contemporary interpretation of the island and a cosmopolitan aura. It’s rustic and authentic! The design blends local heritage with contemporary elements while keeping the local roots as the main driving force behind its architecture and design. The landscape’s rough beauty pairs well with its clean and minimal lines. The two-storey spa offers an unmatchable view of the sea and horizon. The stone façade wraps around the column geometry while bringing a harmonious transition with dim lights. Additionally, wet areas open up through stone carved portals. The Cretan hammam, dark mosaic lined steam room and glaze fronted sauna invoke a relaxing environment.

Serenity Spa – The Art of Wellbeing at Hyatt Regency Lisboa, Portugal

The 1000 sq. m. of wellness area of Serenity Spa features nine treatment rooms including Japanese-inspired Sakura for oriental treatments. Winner of Best Spa Design Theme, the spa has a nude and white colour palette with green plants in the background offering a calming vibe. The facility includes sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool, experience showers, ice fountain and relaxation area. With an aim to create a restorative escape, the spa offers customized treatments as per the need of every guest.

Spa Minera At Hotel Plunhof, Italy

Spa Minera is located where miners once toiled the land and the spa’s ‘above and below the surface’ concept is a grateful nod to that history. Recognised as the Best Theme Design Spa, the spa encompasses a tunnel and its architecture is typified by traditional craftsmanship and earth and water elements. The clients are accompanied by the thriving nature, sweet harmony and an enchanting path. It even offers a panoramic view from the windows and cooling area which is also called Minera’s Meadow. But most importantly, the client’s privacy is kept intact and no one from the outside can get a peek inside! In short, with scenic view, gentle sauna and radiant architecture, this spa is nothing less than a heavenly realm.

The Spa and Health Club, Switzerland

The Chedi Andermatt Hotel’s 2,400-square-meter Spa & Health Club in the Alps which spans three levels provides visitors with a tranquil health haven with the goal of restoring harmony to the body, mind, and soul and is awarded for its Best Interior Design. With roomy features including a Tibetan relaxation lounge, hydrotherapy rooms, private spa suites, and the longest indoor swimming pool in Switzerland, the design and therapies combine the healing traditions of Asia and Europe. The facility is filled with state-of-the-art equipment. The breath-taking view of the indoor pool and loungers against the backdrop of the Swiss mountains from the spa lobby is another highlight.

Middle East
Spa Aquatonic Kuwait

Selected for its Best Interior Design, Spa Aquatonic provides the best service to their guests with a team of skilled international therapists. Its traditional and contemporary aesthetics coupled with world-class service make it a favoured destination for spa goers. The Arabian fusion and ethnic influences are captured across the spa’s interior using finest natural materials and textures which enhance your spa journey.

HARNN Heritage Spa Riverside Thailand

HARNN Heritage Spa Riverside has impressive facilities for a complete relaxation of body, mind and spirit. They have soothing spaces for massage and wellness therapies. The spa boasts of ten treatment rooms, including a foot massage lounge with panoramic views of the city. Lauded for the Best Spa Design Theme, the spa’s palatial celadon green walls, carefully curated artwork and minimalist design allow the guests an immediate sense of refuge.

The Imperial Spa India

Acknowledged for Best Interior Design, The Imperial Spa in Delhi is a therapeutic destination which merges hand-picked signature customs, oils and ageless traditions. It is an inspiring haven for invigorating therapies in an effortlessly lit setting. The design is inspired by the elaborate Moroccan architecture and the interlaced Moghul and Indian pattern. The walls are adorned with the gorgeous ‘tikri’ work. While the scented chamber is decorated in soft white hues of marble, each of the treatment rooms has a character of its own and extravagant wall motifs. Other features include Hammam style hydrotherapy zones, Moghul suite, Kerala Suite, Ladies salon and a men’s area.

The Thousand Spa Japan

Located in Kyoto, The Thousand Spa is a meditation-themed spa comfortable for all five senses. Awarded the Best Theme Design Spa the simple space relaxes the mind and body while creating a healing time. They offer treatments paced with Kyoto materials, traditions and culture. They even have beauty and healing with various traditional techniques surrounding tea, charcoal and incense. The facility uses a mix of white, grey and golden tones to give a calming and minimalist touch.

Hammam Turkish Bath & Spa South Africa

This wellness retreat is located in Pretoria’s urban jungle. Wellness journey at this spa is more than just treatments; it’s about an emotional journey. Awarded for its Best Spa Design Theme the spa is known to create an extraordinary ambience to transfer their guests to an exotic foreign land. Upon arrival, the guests receive a warm welcome with lit candles and beautiful music. The contrasting colours and aromas will surely invoke an array of sensations. The lights, antiques and wall adorned with art are a visual feast. The floor is decorated with Persian carpets while comfortable pillows are scattered along the lounge.