Since its start in 1986, the Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (ABTC) in India has succeeded in the advancement of beauty therapy. More than a professional entity, ABTC’s dual mission is fostering scientific knowledge and protecting the industry’s well-being. Distinguished as the only Indian affiliate of Switzerland’s CIDESCO, ABTC unites 54 external and 35 other CIDESCO affiliates, adding to its global presence.

ABTC’s commitment to excellence is evident in its examination regimen, conducted across key cities like Mumbai and Pune. Supported by expert trainers and examiners statewide, ABTC ensures high education standards.

Beyond education, ABTC serves as a platform uniting beauty professionals. Well-planned programs covering treatments, cosmetics, hairstyling, makeup, nail art, nutrition, and banking empowers beauticians all over Maharashtra.

Annually, ABTC proudly represents India at the CIDESCO International Congress. With 11 CIDESCO-accredited schools nationwide, ABTC cultivates top-tier professionals, with every student passing the exam having their membership for life.

In the pursuit of global distinction, ABTC propels India’s beauty industry to new heights.