Experts reveal the wellness mantras to combat physical, mental and spiritual stress

The high that entrepreneurial success gives you only whets your appetite to aim for higher spheres of success, no matter what the challenges are. The wellness industry has seen umpteen highs and lows in the Indian market but persistence and the grit to make it have seen many succeed too in the hairdressing and beauty industry. As StyleSpeak completes 21 glorious years, we dish out powerful wellness mantras for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing to ensure your entrepreneurial victory.


Dr. Cijith Sreedharan, PRAKRITI SHAKTI, Chief Medical Officer Prakriti Shakthi – Clinic of Natural Medicine at CGH Earth elaborates on success, “When you face a challenge, never call it a problem, address it as a situation. An optimistic attitude is not only critical to happiness and a higher quality of life but is also a necessary step towards achieving optimal health and success.”


It all begins with the mind so pay attention to what you’re feeding it.

  • Replace ‘ what if ‘ with ‘ so what’. Most stress generating questions always start with ‘ what if? ‘. Never attempt to answer those, instead ask back ‘ so what, is this something I can’t manage?’ It will bring 360-degree shift in your perception.
  • Be wary of self- talk: Figure out the most frequent word you use during your self-talk, and analyze whether it is resourceful for you. Whatever you say to yourself is constantly registered by your brain, and taken very seriously in the literal sense. So, if it not resourceful, replace it with positive loops.
  • Ask better questions: The quality of a person’s life is equal to the quality of questions habitually asked. Regardless of the situation, asking better questions is bound to improve attitude. For instance, instead of asking ‘ Why am in this situation ‘ ask ‘ how can I make the situation better ‘
  • Express gratitude to self: The time you spend on yourself is not a luxury, it is an investment. Be selfish in terms of self-care. Everything you worry about now, really matters only until you are there. To make your situation better, make yourself better.
  • Forgive and forget your messy past: Your happiness will increase 3 times when you forgive and forget the ugliness of your past.
  • Watch your beliefs, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they shape your identity. Beliefs are hypotheses that need to be tested and verified, not treasures to be protected. The most practical way to change who you are, is to change your beliefs, which changes what you think and what you do.
  • Habits are easier to build when they fit into the flow of your life. The difference between a good life and a bad life is a few productive and healthy choices we make.


  • The Body has its own method of healing itself do not interfere!
  • Regulate The use of your sense organs (eyes, ears, tongue, skin, nose)
  • Follow a sleep ritual
  • Have Faith
  • Take responsibility
  • Forgive and love yourself

Follow these simple mantras by Dr. Sreedharan to stay physically fighting fit.

  • Eat fresh, rainbow-coloured foods. Include 50% raw foods.
  • Share a gratitude affirmation
  • Try to include regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Practice mouthful and mindful drinking of water and drink 250ml of water per hour for the first 10 active hours of the day.
  • Follow a regular pattern of sleep of 7-8 hours daily. There should a gap of minimum two hours between dinner and bed time.
  • Ensure that you are asleep between 11pm to 4am, the optimal sleep time.
  • Yoga can be done every day, the duration, intensity and type of practice can to be customised based on health, age, flexibility and experience.
  • Do things you love to do – select activities based on your personal needs & preferences, don’t copy or follow others.
  • Try to include different varieties of exercises like walking, swimming, climbing, cycling, sports activity etc. in your routine.
  • Practice barefoot walking and exposure to sunlight during the low solar angle helps to set the clock and between 11am -2 pm for about 2-5 minutes exposure with bare body helps in the synthesis of Vitamin- D.


  • Get up early in morning
  • Have an oil bath regularly
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Pay attention to cleansing processes of the body.
  • Follow the biological clock and not the wall clock.
  • Consume food when it is hot and fresh.
  • Eating food is a ritual, do it with utmost focus and dedication
SPIRITUAL WELL BEING – Spiritual wellness translates to intensifying a sense of purpose and meaning in life, encompassing one’s morals and ethics.

The core mantra for spiritual wellness is detachment. The word detachment may evoke different perspective in different people, but in practice it simply means accepting people as they are.

The steps for this are

  • Allow others to be who they are
  • Allow yourself to be what you are
  • Accept situations as opportunities and challenges, not as issues and problems
  • Focus on solutions, not on problems
  • Embrace uncertainty.


  • Be an integral part of nature
  • Consume ghee regularly in your diet
  • Contemplate on how the day was spent

Enfin, there are no golden rules for success.

Your journey is unique. The challenges you face, the solutions you devise, the way you tackle a crisis, everything falls in line with the exclusive idea/product you create and thus ‘one of a kind’. Instead of trying to fit into a standard mould or following a roadmap, be self-motivated and willing to explore. Have a set of principles that guide you but remain prepared to accept challenges and changes at all times. After all, great things never happen in your comfort zone.

Dr. Subash Marakande, SwaSwara, CGH Earth Wellness encapsulates life and its successes as “We need to understand that life may be ‘limited’ but the sources for making it successful are limitless.

Adapt or perish – the choice is yours, but march on regardless!