SMOKE & MIRRORS embraces simplicity and authenticity, providing practical, achievable solutions to enhance natural beauty

The Smoke & Mirrors Salon is a genuine retreat in the heart of Gurugram where practicality meets style. The unisex salon is a haven for those seeking quality beauty services that don’t compromise on affordability. This commitment is what sets it apart from other salons. With the aim to enhance natural beauty, providing practical, achievable solutions that fit seamlessly into their client’s daily routine, Smoke & Mirrors endeavours to help them discover the real beauty that lies beneath the realm of everyday life.

Lokesh Chugh and Pooja Chugh, Founders, Smoke & Mirrors Salon reveal, “At our salon, we embrace the beauty of simplicity and authenticity. Our down-to-earth approach sets the stage for an atmosphere that is welcoming and relatable. We understand the realities of everyday life and our salon reflects that understanding by providing services that align with your lifestyle.”


The USP of the salon lies in the seamless integration of quality services and affordability. It distinguishes itself in the competitive beauty industry by introducing a unique Membership Program that offers members a bundle of benefits. Through this program, members enjoy priority booking, ensuring they have flexibility in scheduling appointments that suit their busy lives. Additionally, exclusive discounts on services and products are extended to members, making premium beauty treatments more accessible without compromising on quality. The program also encourages regular self-care routines by offering complimentary services after a certain number of visits and is a strategic blend of personalized attention, exclusive discounts, and added incentives. This positions it as a salon that not only values its clients but actively invests in their ongoing beauty and well-being.


Curated by renowned architect Ar. Chirag Manocha, the salon has a welcoming ambience that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with comfort. The salon’s design reflects a sophisticated colour palette, featuring muted tones with carefully placed accent colours that evoke tranquility. Natural light is harnessed to enhance the spacious feel, while strategically positioned mirrors contribute to an environment that is both stylish and relaxing. The decor, minimalist yet chic, ensures that the focus remains on clients and their unique beauty experiences.

Lokesh and Pooja feel, “Ar. Chirag Manocha plays a pivotal role in refining our services, ensuring that Smoke and Mirrors Salon remains at the forefront of the beauty industry. His expertise extends beyond design, offering strategic guidance on the latest trends, customer experience, and operational efficiency. With his support, the salon becomes a dynamic space where innovation and excellence converge, providing a holistic and exceptional experience for our diverse clientele.”


Smoke and Mirrors Salon prioritizes excellence in both services and staff development. Led by the experienced Salon Consultant, Chirag Manocha, the team undergoes Soft Skill Training to enhance client interactions. “Chirag has meticulously crafted Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for every aspect of our operations, ensuring consistency and excellence. These SOPs, covering hygiene protocols to client engagement, are the backbone of our service quality,” adds Lokesh and Pooja. The duo believes in continuous learning and regularly update their staff on the latest trends and techniques.

“Our commitment to education not only elevates our team’s skills but also ensures that Smoke and Mirrors Salon remains at the forefront of the beauty industry. With a focus on both technical expertise and soft skills, we create an environment where every client receives a standardized, high-quality experience. Join us for a beauty journey that combines innovation, expertise, and a commitment to excellence.”


Smoke & Mirrors have curated a premium product portfolio featuring global leaders like L’Oréal for cutting-edge beauty solutions, Bioline Jatò from Italy for advanced skincare, and GK (Global Keratin) for transformative hair care. Olaplex, for its revolutionary hair repair system, and Casmara from Spain for facial masks, contribute to its commitment towards excellence. Bombini and Cuccio elevate the nail care services. These brands, celebrated for quality and innovation, underscore its dedication to providing clients with a world-class beauty experience.

Future Plans

Smoke and Mirrors Salon is set to expand into a franchise model. Each franchise will maintain the standards and distinctive atmosphere that define the brand. Chirag has developed a comprehensive training program covering technical and soft skills. This strategic move aims to make Smoke and Mirrors Salon a widely recognized name in the beauty industry.


Founders: Lokesh Chugh and Pooja Chugh
Address: SCO 21, 1st floor, Sector 15 Part 2, Market, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
No. of Staff: 15
Tel No: 9810228555
Signature Treatments: Pedicure, Makeup, Nails, Hair