Give your face a much needed rejuvenation at the Flaunt Bengaluru with an exotic facial with the goodness of the ocean

A luxurious boutique-style, women’s only salon and spa spread over 1400 square feet area in the busy residential hub Jayanagar in Bengaluru, Flaunt Salon & Spa is a hidden luxury getaway that is waiting to be discovered.

Located on the first level of a commercial space, the salon has been designed to give guests complete privacy in each of the five treatment rooms. A large glass facade on one side ensures that there is ample natural light that illuminates the personalized hair and colour station.

“Flaunt believes in relationships and quality, everyone who walks through the door should be treated and respected as a queen – the services, experience standard and ambience, should make her leave the place feeling she is the one,” says Soraya T Merchant, Creative Consultant, Flaunt Salon & Spa. The décor of the salon is contemporary and chic and puts you at ease with its simplicity.

Prodige des Oceans Facial

After a quick chat Soraya recommends Thalgo’s Prodige des Océans facial. Incidentally Thalgo has been exploring the oceans for over 50 years to discover new algae and ways of harnessing its incredible regenerative properties in their beauty treatments, leading to the development of the Prodige des Océans range. What makes the treatment special of course is the product that has Intelligence Marine Régénérative, a supreme concentrate with 63 marine nutrients. This helps reactivate the proteins that aid in youthful-looking skin while reducing wrinkles and fine lines giving the skin a nice firmness by removing dryness and blemishes.

My therapist Kusum from West Bengal shows me my treatment room that interestingly has panelled mirrors on the ceiling. After I change, Kusum asks me to sit and gives me a back massage. Interestingly she first touches my head and back very lightly almost like a feather touch and slowly raises the pressure to give me a dry massage that sets the tone for the relaxing ritual to follow.

My feet and hands are also given a hot towel rub and it feels instantly relaxing. Once done she asks me to lie face down and starts with a deeply relaxing pressure point massage across the back of my neck and shoulders using a fragrant massage moisturizing cream.

After this, she asks me to turn over and begins the facial by first spraying an aromatic mist over my face. Then she starts with a cleansing routine where she first neatly applies the cleanser on my face and neck and that is neatly wiped off after a deft massage. She then applies a toner so that all the open pores are closed.

Once done she applies a scrub with a brush and leaves it for 10 minutes. At this time, she gives me an invigorating leg massage using a massage cream and then uses a warm towel to wipe it dry. Once the scrub is removed, she uses a toner once again and pats the skin dry with a paper towel.

Following this, the miracle mask is applied and while this takes 10 minutes as well, I am given a relaxing hand massage. The mask is then massaged into my face using professional strokes – a technique to permeate into the skin. Her strokes are firm yet relaxing and synchronize perfectly to ensure all my facial muscles are rejuvenated completely.

A deep head massage that ensues, feels like bliss. The last step in the facial is the application of the award winning serum and face moisturizer with sun protection to lock in the hydration.

After the session, my face looks radiant and the effect of the facial is immediately visible. This 90 minute session is a must do so make sure you make your appointment and flaunt your new look

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