Using a customer-centric approach and well trained staff, Krasiva Salon in Delhi focuses on making clients look and feel beautiful

A couple came in to enjoy side by side massages. The gentleman stated that he wanted to focus on his neck and back. He never said to avoid any area. When the massage began he jumped into a sitting position. The technician asked if everything was OK. He said yes. As she got to his scalp, it sounded as if Velcro or something noisy was in his hair. He finally told the technician to focus on his legs. Turns out, he was with a new girlfriend, and he had on a toupee.

It was my first day at a little clinic in the south. It was a quaint place with 5 treatment rooms. My room, that day, was in the very back of the building tucked in the corner. The walls were this beautiful cedar with fabric-draped ceilings and votive candles flickering around the room, creating an ambiance for any massage lover’s

delight. So the massage started off just like any other, a quick knock on the door and then you’re off to the races. I was cruising along when my client, who was lying face down, asked for a tissue. “Sure”, I say as I go to grab a tissue. As I hand the tissue to my client and he lifts his head from the face cradle he begins to yell!

“HOLY COW! GET SOME WATER!!!” I quickly turn around to see that I pulled more than one tissue from the box and it conveniently fell over the, ever so strategically placed, ambiance building votive candle!!! As I stood paralyzed in complete shock watching the flame as it started going up the lovely cedar wall, my client jumps off the table, picks up his size 13 shoe to pound out the fire and proceeds to get back on the table, asking me to kindly finish his massage!!! Boy, what a day that was!!