British singer, songwriter, actress, and celebrity Rita Ora has launched her hair care brand Typebea. The brand, focused on hair damage recovery, is in collaboration with Australian entrepreneur Anna Lahey.

Typebea’s initial launch includes a serum, a glossing treatment, shampoo and conditioner, all including the ingredient Baicapil. The products claim to work for all hair types, rejuvenating and restoring damage from everyday styling. All products are manufactured in Australia. The products will not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens and sulfates, and will include ingredients such as ceramides. New products are lined up in September, as well as for 2025. While product designs are not available as of yet, a moodboard revealed on Rita’s Instagram account shows a bright, honeycomb-yellow theme for the launch.

In a video on the TybeBea website, Rita stated that her hair has been through a lot throughout her career, as she admitted to changing hair styles and colours repeatedly. The hair care line is targeted towards those with thin or damaged hair, or those who have emotional issues resulting in hair loss. Believing that people’s identity is often tied to their hair, she commented in an Instagram caption that her hair has been coloured, beached, and cut various times during her career. She goes on to credit Typebea for the current health of her hair.

Collaborator Anna Lahey is also the founder and driver behind Vida Glow, a collagen-based supplement. Anna relates the experience of starting the Typebea to her own journey with hair loss,  and believes that her experience resonates with hundreds of other women facing similar products. Typebea is hence a passion project for both Lahey and Ora. The name of the product, Typebea, is a reference to Rita’s natural hair type, a type B curl.