Holistic healing with Aromatherapy to promote health

Aromatherapy means – “a therapy using aromas” is an alluring journey into an ancient holistic healing art. Thousands of years ago, sages discovered medicinal properties of these plants. Mankind has been using these aromas for many ailments. Aromatherapy is a system of healing which involves use of pure essential oils.

Essential oils for healing and health

Nature has been kind to gift us the potent and therapeutically rich properties of plants in the form of essential oils. Aroma oils are extracted from various parts of the plants and then used in different treatments to attain balance in physical, mental and spiritual health. It not only aims at healing, relieving and eliminating health problems but it is also concerned with prevention of disease and promotion of happy and healthy living.

How they work

Essential oils enter through the blood stream and are carried to every cell in the body, where they are most effective in promoting cellular health, balance and regeneration. They are volatile, natural substances that are the actual immune system of the plants from which they are extracted. It contains antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, as well as other medicinal properties which heal our body and emotions. The oils contain powerful constituents and should therefore be treated with care and used in very small amounts. Most essential oils have water like consistency although some are very viscous.

Here are a few common properties of essential oils:

  • Detoxification
  • Stimulation in tissues
  • Fat dissolution
  • Power of healing
  • Helps balance nervous system
  • Promotes new cell growth
  • Improves circulation

The Science of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy as its name suggests, works partly through our sense of smell. However the essence also enters our body through skin absorption. As we inhale an essential oil the tiny particles are drawn into the lungs where some are transported into the bloodstream. When someone takes an aromatic bath it also gets absorbed directly via skin. Another way of oils entering the body is through aromatherapy massage. Besides affecting the nervous and hormonal systems, different aromas can also trigger positive feelings.

Aromatherapy for anti-ageing treatments

There are many essential oils which are used to treat ageing skin or wrinkles. It is best suggested to start it at an early age, preferably in the early 30s to slow down or delay the process of ageing.

The best and only way to slow down the process of ageing is to massage with essential oils. The benefits of this helps:
-Stimulation of skin cells into reproducing at a quicker rate, thus reducing time lag between new skin growth and elimination of old cells making the skin more dynamic and stronger.
-Preventing congestion of toxins and expedite elimination of toxic debris by improving the lymphatic flow and general condition of the lymph glands.
-Neutralize unwanted and unfriendly bacteria preventing blemish conditions and act as anti-inflammatory.
-Calm sensitive and damaged skin.
– Help to relieve stress and tension that often lead to ageing skin.
-Collagen and elastin are kept in good condition, and
-It is believed that nutrition and proteins in essential oil actually work as restorative building blocks to these entire important tissue fibers.

The body after treatment of these oils goes through a fundamental change, sometimes so dramatic that it seems a person has had a face lift.

List of oils which are best suggested for slowing down ageing
  • Carrot Seed Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Patchouli Essential Oil
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Spikenard Essential Oil

“The best & only way to slow down the process of ageing is to massage with essential oils”
Nirmal Minawala (MD) and Araadna Minnawala (MD), Aroma Treasures Pvt. Ltd.

A single of the above or a combination can be blended with the base oil such as almond, evening primrose, ashwagandha for the best results. Here is a suggested blend of essential oil and carrier oil that one can prepare and use. The essential oils can be mixed in the face moisturiser or serum to enhance their daily skincare routine.

To make 50 ml of blended oil –

  • Add 4 drops of each – frankincense, spikenard and rose.
  • Add 6 drops of carrot seed oil.
  • Add 8 drops of patchouli oil.
  • Add 40ml of almond oil.
  • Add 5ml each of evening primrose and ashwagandha.

Aromatherapy can enrich your life in many ways. The unusual versatility of essential oils makes it possible to use them for many purposes in life. It has much to offer whether you have only a little time or whether you decide to explore them deeply.