Noi Tre in Delhi-NCR focuses on tailoring experiences for each client

Noi Tre, meaning “us three” in Italian, embodies the unity of customers, founders, and employees in a unique salon experience. This ethos translates into exceptional service across their multiple Delhi-NCR locations, and we recently explored their newest branch in New Delhi’s Ashok Nagar.

The salon boasts of a calming ambiance with a subtle beige and sand light brown colour palette. Beyond the aesthetics, Noi Tre shines in its commitment to exceptional hair colour services. Their well-equipped and knowledgeable staff ensures you receive personalised attention and achieve your desired look.

Overcoming Challenges with Elegance

Navigating the challenges of entering a fiercely competitive market, Noi Tre strategically positioned itself by carefully selecting prime locations and assembling a team of top-notch professionals in Delhi-NCR.

Founder Arunesh Bansal emphasises their dedication to delivering quality services and products, fostering a reliable relationship with their clientele.

He states, “The market’s competitiveness makes establishing a presence and gaining trust challenging. In Delhi-NCR, where salons vary in categories, our goal was to establish ourselves as the premier brand for hair services. We addressed this hurdle by securing premium locations for our outlets and enlisting the finest professionals in the region, all while upholding the salon’s commitment to quality work and products.”


What distinguishes Noi Tre is their utilisation of various high-end brands and their commitment to delivering personalised customer experiences.

According to Bansal, “Our unique approach involves incorporating multiple premium brands and a dedicated focus on tailoring experiences for each client. We also provide technological assistance in hair treatments. We stand out as the top choice for hair colours, offering a harmonious blend of shades, precision in every technique, and simultaneously addressing the need for solutions for healthy, chemical-free hair.”


The salon is spread across two floors, with each floor covering an area of 4500 square feet. It showcases a sophisticated design with a carefully curated color palette and lighting scheme. The interior is characterised by subtle aesthetics, incorporating a harmonious blend of beige and light brown hues reminiscent of sand, creating a serene and stylish ambiance.


Noi Tre sets the standard with a premium product portfolio. Renowned brands for skincare such as Eminence, Skeyndor, Casmara, Kenpeki and O3+, hair like Kérastase, LEA LEVETT, L’Oréal Professionnel, KERA FUSION, Alfaparf, Kevin Murphy and Olaplex and makeup like Fendi, Anastasia, Rare Beauty, NARS, Bobbi Brown, MAC Cosmetics, Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Tilbury are being used.


The salon mandates that its staff participate in monthly training programs conducted by both partner brands and the salon itself, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest industry trends.

Bansal shares, “Our management team conducts one-on-one discussions with professionals to address challenges encountered with new techniques in the salon. These insights inform the development of international training programs aimed at enhancing our staff’s skills.”

The salon strategically organises its staff into four distinct categories at each branch: artist, senior artist, creative artist, and style director. The hiring process for these positions is customised to the individual’s level of experience, ensuring that candidates are evaluated based on their qualifications and expertise relevant to the specific role. This approach allows the salon to build a skilled and diverse team that can cater to the varying demands and creative aspects within the beauty and styling industry.


The salon aims to run on solar panels and shift towards even more organic, chemical-free products. Bansal shares, “We already avoid plastic, promote recycling, and plan to minimise salon waste. Operations will be mostly paperless, and we are committed to educating our consumers.”


The salon chain is actively expanding and embracing tech innovation. He expresses, “In the near future, our expansion plans include reaching other parts of India, particularly southern and eastern regions, and venturing into global markets, especially in Southeast Asian countries where hair colour is highly popular, and that’s our specialty. As part of enhancing customer experience, we also plan to incorporate technology into our salon by installing smart mirrors, allowing customers to preview their final look before the service begins. Additionally, we will integrate AR features to provide customers with a 360-degree view of their chosen hair colour, enhancing the visualisation experience.”


Name: Noi Tre Salon, Ashok Vihar Branch
Address: Ground floor B3/9, Phase -2, Ashok Vihar 110052
No of Staff: 15-25
Timings:10 am- 8:30 pm
Contact: +91 8130308445
Signature Treatments: Fusio-Dose, Cocktail Hair Ritual & Foam Hair Ritual