StyleSpeak brings you Award Winning Spas that secured Awards at various prestigious Interior Design Awards for their Interior Design

The interior design of the spa holds great importance. The right interiors can help present your spa philosophy and set the tone for what to expect at your spa….it also serves to attract customers to your spas. The interiors of your spa must have a theme that resonates with your concept which must be translated through the spa design.
Each year, the various Interior design awards and spa awards reward several Spas for their exceptionally beautiful interior designs. The winners of these awards are always the reference points and serve as inspiration for the spas planning their interior designs.

Here are 12 Spas who recently won awards for their interior design:

Green Massage, Shanghai

by Vermilion Zhou Design Group

Award: World Interiors News Awards 2022 ‘Leisure & Entertainment- Gold’
The entrance of the spa is a ‘rabbit hole’ which is covered with green plants and lit by glowworm lights. This rabbit hole takes the customer into a fantasy forest with dim lights and large flowers. This helps to disconnect the customer’s tired body from reality by surrounding them with nature and provide them with a new sensory experience. This ambience is created to give a dreamy vibe to the customers as dreams are a way to escape from reality and attain relaxation. The creation of this fantasy world is what won this spa the award for its brilliant interiors.

Joali Being, Maldives

by Autoban

Award: World Spa Awards 2022 ‘World’s Best Spa Design 2022’
With tailored experiences that guides the customers on the path of self-discovery and renewal, Joali Being is situated on the island of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll and is surrounded by crystalline lagoons, beaches and coconut palms. The interior of this wellness retreat is created keeping in mind the theme of the beaches and nature. With wooden furniture and bamboo details in the interior design, it connects the customers to nature and guides them on the path of self-discovery and relaxation. World Spa Awards gives the ‘World’s Best Spa Design’ award every year, to one spa from across the world which is unique in its architectural design. Joali Being’s unique interior design and theme was the reason behind it’s winning the coveted Award

Relinque Urban Spa, Australia

by Studio Tate

Award: Dezeen Awards 2022 ‘Leisure and wellness interiors’
Inspired by its locale, this spa has a natural verdant landscape and a circular architectural pattern that provides the clients with an intuitive journey that offers an ‘all-gender’ day spa experience. The spa has a natural colour palette that consists of greens, greys, burgundy and other earthy tones that reflect a sense of textural earthiness. The spa room consists of a granite shower bench which is complimented by the deep rust tone on top of it. The steam showers are tiled in sage green colour while a light beige colour is used as the base for the entire room. With the use of such colours, this spa has combined the earthy feel with a contemporary and sophisticated interior design. This is why Relinque Urban Spa won this award.

Oritim Spa, China

by Matrix Design

Award: Interior Design’s 2022 ‘Best of Year Beauty and Spa’
This chic destination is designed in a soothing taupe micro-cement and the interior design of this spa showcases the interrelationship of beauty and nature. At the entry of this spa, a backlit row of wheat blades are inserted into channels. The inside of the spa has a ceiling made up of mirror-polished stainless steel and LED light channels are inserted into the floor and the walls. This light gets reflected on the ceiling, which gives the customer the illusion of an infinite portal. The medical equipment like micro-needles and radiofrequency lasers are redesigned into modern geometric artworks by BananaJam Art Space. Contemporary, geometric design marks this spa a winner

Aegeo Spas at Sentido Unique Blue, Greece

Award: World Luxury Spa Awards, 2022 ‘Best Spa Design Theme Global’
This spa offers complete relaxation to its guests with their various services, modern interiors and natural aromas. The design of this spa is created by using contemporary designs like lights around the ceiling. An earthy feel is also given to it by using green, white marble on the walls and by having furniture with wooden texture. This spa provides the customers with relaxation as well as luxury. The contemporary and luxurious interiors of Aegeo Spas at Sentido Unique Blue made this spa eligible for the World Luxury Spa Awards.

M Spa, Qatar

Award: World Luxury Spa Awards, 2022 ‘Best Spa Design Theme Regional’
M Spa at Alwadi Hotel Doha has calming, warm toned interiors that nourish the customer’s mind, body and soul. This spa is inspired by the heritage of Msheireb, which is known as the “Heart of Doha”. The interior of M Spa is designed elegantly by keeping relaxation and comfort in mind. This luxurious spa has shades of white, red, green and brown in its design. The spa room features a channel of light around the ceiling and in the centre of the ceiling there is a geometric design through which blue, purple or yellow coloured lights pass. The selection of these lights helps adjust the vibe of the room to provide the desired services to the customers. These were the reason behind M Spa’s win.

SO/ Spa at So Sofitel Hua Hin, Thailand

by Donatien Carratier

Award: World Luxury Spa Awards, 2022 ‘Best Spa Design Theme Continent’
SO/ Spa is located at So Sofitel Hua Hin’s Cha-Am beach resort. The bold, unconventional design of the spa and the seaside view create a serene environment that relaxes, refreshes, and heightens the customer’s sensory experience. The spa room features yellow lights around the ceiling and a circular white light in the centre of the ceiling. The walls have illustrations of dancing women and birds in hues of golden and browns. The centre of the room has a dome with candles around it. Inside the dome, the walls of the dome have starry lights that help provide utmost relaxation to the customers. This unique design theme has made this spa the winner of World Luxury Spa Awards.

Vila Vita Spa By Sisley Paris, Portugal

Award: World Luxury Spa Awards, 2022 ‘Best Spa Design Theme Regional’
Inspired by the region’s sea caves, this spa has a unique design that is created with natural stones and features the calming tones of blue, green which are the hues of the Atlantic Ocean. The spa contains tones of red and yellow in its interior design. The spa follows a circular theme which is seen on its ceiling. The sink in the spa room is placed on a cabinet with vertical lines which are similar to the lines in the circular waiting area. The interiors of this spa are simple yet elegant. The interior design theme of this spa gives a luxurious feel along with total relaxation to its customers. These are the reason behind Vila Vita Spa’s win.

Yhi Spa at Meliá Chiang Mai, Thailand

Award: World Luxury Spa Awards, 2022 ‘Best Spa Design Theme Country’
Meliá Chiang Mai’s Yhi Spa is an exotic sanctuary of relaxation. The spa makes use of sea blue, red, white and brown colours in its interior design. The walls and ceilings of the spa rooms are sea blue in colour. The wall behind the sinks has a design of multiple squares and is brown in colour. The design of this spa is very luxurious and sophisticated while also featuring contemporary patterns. The treatment rooms of this spa are designed with the underwater theme that revitalises and provides sensory relief to the customers. This unique theme of Yhi Spa is why it won the award.

The Thousand Spa, Japan

by Takenaka Corporation, Tohata Architects & Engineers, Yusuke Seki

Award: World Luxury Spa Awards, 2022 ‘Best Theme Design Spa Regional’
This light lit spa with Kyoto materials and traditions relaxes the mind and body by delivering “beauty” and “healing”. The spa makes use of whites, browns and wooden tones in its interior design. The spa room has full length glass window on one side which allows the customer to look at the beautiful greenery of the complex. The spa also has a potted plant in its interior. A black sink is on a marble platform which is placed on a wooden cabinet. This spa is designed with the Meditation theme which helps to comfort all five senses. This brilliant design theme of the spa is the reason behind its win.

Spa Sinner, France

Award: World Luxury Spa Awards, 2022 ‘Best Interior Design’
Located in the Sinner Paris Hotel, Spa Sinner has a mysterious and monastic design. The spa is the hotel’s most private area and has a sparse, dim and austere feel to it. This spa is designed for re-awakening the senses. The design of this spa has shades of brown and white in it. This dimly lit spa features yellow lights as well as candles. The spa also has a pool which is inspired by Greek and Roman baths to provide the customers with ultimate relaxation and revival. The monastic design and the use of contemporary colours helped Spa Sinner win the World Luxury Spa Awards for its interior design.

Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Centre, Georgia

by Mehriban Muradova, Mstudio

Award: International Spa Awards 2022 ‘Best Spa Interiors’
Sam Raan Spa’s design is a combination of the aura of Thai spas and modern equipment, modern furniture. The help of Thai masters is taken for decorating the spa. This spa has a sophisticated and luxurious appearance to provide the customers with total relaxation. This luxurious spa makes use of tones of reds, browns, whites, etc. This gives the spa a rustic feel. The furniture of the spa are similar to the Mughal style furniture. The spa also has a flotation room that is designed in the style of caves. The International Spa Award for Best Spa Interiors was won for Sam Raan Spa & Wellness Centre’s luxurious interior and creative theme.