Indra Ahluwalia’s expert guidelines on getting the foundation just perfect!

Foundation is the canvas on which you paint a gorgeous look! So no matter how quirky your lip colour is or how elegant your smoky eyes are, your foundation is the basis of how the look will turn out.

SSWEEKLY asks renowned make-up artist Indra Ahluwalia, CMD of Grace Beauty Clinic Pvt. Ltd. and HBS Make-Up Competition Jury Member, for her expert inputs.

Can skipping a primer affect ones make-up and skin?

Primer is important, especially if you are doing make-up professionally.

  1. If you do a make-up service without a primer, the make-up can melt away earlier than it should.
  2. Provided you use the right primer basis the skin type and weather, it keeps the make-up intact in unfavourable weather conditions and for long hours.
  3. Primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the products you use. It helps the foundation glide over it smoothly. So if you skip the primer, you end up putting more layers of foundation, resulting in overdone make-up.

How to choose the right foundation, according to skin tone?

Apart from the formula of the foundation, you must keep the skin tone and the skin undertone in mind. The foundation should match the skin tone and shouldn’t be lighter or darker than the skin shade.

The undertone should be based on how warm or cool your skin undertone is. If we fail to match these criteria, your make-up can turn grey slowly. To get the right foundation colour, swatch the foundation on the jaw line as that’s your actual skin tone and blend it throughout the neck area.

“Create a balance between colour, intensity, creativity, enhancement, features, wearability and longevity. Also, know where to stop!”

Is prepping your skin before makeup important?

Your entire make-up service depends on how well you prep your skin. Cleansing and hydrating the skin is the key. Skin absorbing oils, eye creams will make your skin supple. Scrub and moisturise your lips and prime the eyes. The correct formula gives longevity and stability to your make-up.