An engaging interview with the President and Founder of REPÊCHAGE, Mrs. Lydia Sarfati.

REPÊCHAGE in French literally means second chance and Lydia believes her skincare solutions offers a second chance to men, women and children at having beautiful skin in every decade of their lives. Lydia Sarfati is the pioneer in the beauty industry for merging seaweed with skincare. She has received various awards and accolades since her inception in the industry and world recognition. Let’s find out more about Lydia and her journey in the industry.

What is the secret behind your infamous skincare routine?

My secret to the famous skincare routine is seaweed and creative products based on plants and seaweed. We use 2 particular species of seaweed that is rich in minerals, vitamins and more. The amino acids that are present in my routine cleanses skin at a cellular level. Skin is very reactive to the regimen. Since 1980 till today, people have tried and tested my products and definitely see a major difference in their skin today. This is testament to the brand that it works.

What is the USP of your brand? How is it different from other cosmetic brands?

I am the pioneer of introducing seaweed in the skincare industry. REPÊCHAGE contains seaweed that is sustainably harvested off the coast of Maine in the USA. The seaweed is handpicked and naturally processed as opposed to chemically which results in potent raw material that is used in our products and formulas. Our natural seaweed ingredient is not combined with other synthetic materials

What do you think of the Indian market?

India is very welcoming to our brand and its philosophy as it matches with the traditional practices of Ayurveda which is also based on plants and the understanding of natural ingredients. Adding seaweed to skincare by combining science along with it is considered to be the 2nd generation of skincare. The Indian market is open to our brand because our products focus on hydration of skin which is ideal in this humid climate. Indians have experienced different products in the market after trying repechage, they have been very receptive to it.

What inspired you to achieve your success in the industry?

My clients and family are my greatest inspiration. As a young aesthetician in New York, my clients allowed me to perform skincare services that were different from the others. This allowed me to think and develop my skills beyond my years. My mother and children also inspired me to create formulas that work wonders on youthful skin as well as matured skin.

How are your products suited for vegan clients?

I am a devout vegan myself. People usually complain about seaweed that smells fishy therefore it may not be appropriate for vegans. The truth is that seaweed products or treatments that smell fishy are chemically processed with alcohol and various other substances; that establishes the fishy smell. Seaweed is vegan and the seaweed used in REPÊCHAGE is naturally processed therefore there is no such odour. Seaweed is especially essential for vegan clients as it provides amino acids that many vegetables do not offer.

What part of the job do you enjoy?

Education, Research and Development

What is your opinion of the Indian beauty industry?

The Indian beauty industry has a desire to see greater education and understanding of real scientific skincare. I am happy to say that CIDESCO is now in India as well and is helping its students to be great educated industry professionals. I also believe the combination of the wellness skincare industry with a clinical approach is heading in a very good direction.

Tell us about your journey with the brand?

My journey started in 1981 Asia since my first client was Japan. Asia is the most wanted market today and I am so lucky to have been present in it since many years. Being in USA also gave me immense knowledge of technology and delivering unique concepts of application. My European upbringing, knowledge and experiences combined with the science of seaweed and clinical work has brought together the real product.

How important is education in the field?

Education is very important. Being the CIDESCO chairman for the last 12 years, I also try and contribute as much to educate students in different parts of America and around the world which includes India as well. It is important for students to be trained to be extremely professional and have a good understanding of the business..

What certification do you provide students that enroll in your academy?

Students that enroll in my academy are applicable for post graduate education which means they would require prior training as well. My academy offers them Masters Degree certification.

What are the marketing strategies used for your brand?

REPÊCHAGE engages in various marketing strategies such as social media, digital education, print, public relations, supporting salons through branding, on premises education and various other elements.

What are the future plans for the brand?

I believe the industry caters more to the Baby Boomer generation and therefore the younger generation demographic gets neglected. We are looking at devising express treatments that cater to the younger millennial generation. This motive merges quicker results with the clinical spa profession.