Savio John Pereira sheds light on how salons can strengthen client relationships amid the pandemic.

While salons across India are in the reopening mode, they are seeing low footfalls as clients are still wary of visiting a salon. SS WEEKLY asks Savio John Pereira, Founder, Savio John Pereira Salon & Educator at SJP Education and HBS Hair Jury member on how salons can regain the confidence of their clients.

Post reopening, salons are witnessing the challenge of low footfall. How can salons regain the trust of their clients so as to boost revenue?

As salon owners, we need to win back the trust of our clients— our regulars, as well as new clients.

  • Visuals of sanitization methods and precautionary measures are very effective
  • A friendly call and regular updates via messaging are reaffirming and help in building rapport
  • Marketing, especially via social media, also comes to the forefront
  • Reaching out to new clients from the vicinity of your salon becomes important and can be done using online tools like location filters etc.

“Communication with clients needs to be clear to help them feel safe about visiting the salon.”

How can a salon strengthen client relationships during COVID-19?

Personalized Messages: Personalized messages and phone calls to communicate are important as clients will expect your strong support as they are entrusting their well-being with us.

Social Media Posts: Maintaining health and hygiene practices is expected, but now the need to document and share it has become equally important. Such visuals and videos on social media are reassuring for our clients.

Offers: While the economic slowdown has affected salons as well as clients, offers should be designed and advertised strategically to increase the frequency of client visits at the salons while being able to budget their expenses.

Can you share a quick list of do’s and don’ts that every salon should be aware of while reaching out to their existing and new clients?


  • Prior appointments (to avoid overcrowding)
  • Sanitization of the entire salon (as frequently as possible)
  • Cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting salon areas and equipment (preferably this should be done in front of them to build confidence) and post the service as well
  • Health check-ups of salon staff and clients
  • Wearing masks, online payments or card payments
  • Keep hand sanitizers easily accessible


  • Do not reuse any cape or towel
  • Use only alternate chairs (when chairs/backwashes are generally lined up together)
  • Avoid serving beverages, food deliveries and clients being accompanied by their friends/family/children.
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