Gunjan Taneja Gaur shares expert insights on permanent make-up.

Permanent Make-up is a cosmetic procedure, also known as micro-pigmentation which helps in settling many make-up issues while enhancing the facial features, making it look naturally beautiful.

In a tete-a-tete with SSWEEKLY, Gunjan Taneja Gaur, Executive Director of Bharti Taneja Alps Beauty Group, decodes common queries related to permanent make-up and shares expert advice for professionals.

How long will permanent make-up stay?

Generally, eyebrows, eyeliner, kajal and beauty spot stays for 10-15 years and lipstick for four months. For best results, it is highly recommended to get it done by a certified cosmetologist.

Are there are any side-effects involved?

Since this technique is more like a minimalized tattoo, there are no side-effects as such. However, there is redness for 10-15 minutes and a maximum of an hour based on the sensitivity of the skin. Application of anti-biotic or Soframycin is recommended for three days to get rid of dryness.

When do you recommend permanent make-up?

Eyebrows define the face, but it is difficult to get the perfect shape every time. People with sparce eyebrows especially cancer and thyroid patients who go through hair loss are the ones who opt for it. Permanent eyeliner is recommended to people who wear specs or contact lenses and are particular about using eyeliner while stepping out. In case of lip enhancements, I recommend this procedure for anyone who has thin lips to make it look fuller and rosier. Those above 18 years of age can opt for permanent make-up but we do not recommend this procedure to pregnant women and those who have hypertension or diabetes.

“Hygiene is crucial. Hence, the professional should wear mask, gloves, and use sanitisers to ensure safety.”

The Procedure

This is a cosmetic technique in which hair-like strokes are created that stay permanently and looks natural. The procedure starts with a consultation where we understand why the client wants to get the permanent make-up done. Following this, we draw eyebrows, eyeliner or lip liner which is like a rough note and we apply local anesthesia (cream or spray form) and this takes half an hour. We end it by creating permanent make-up. In totality, it takes up to two hours.

Things to Remember

  • The needle, machine front with cap, cotton, tissues, apron should be safely disposed
  • The colour is made separately for the client in a small ring and later the used ring, colour and cotton is disposed
  • Everything used in the procedure should be fresh and disposable
  • Patience is the key as one cannot afford to go wrong with the procedure
  • Be focused
  • Be honest with the client and give them a realistic expectation
  • If you come to know that the procedure is not suiting the client, do not proceed further.