Disha Meher talks to SS Weekly about choosing the right facials for clients according to skin type and concerns.

Anti-acne and anti-ageing are the main reasons for getting facials done. As professionals, understanding the client’s skin type, and skin concerns while recommending a facial is crucial. Choosing the right products and recommending the best home care further completes the circle of skincare. Disha Meher, Head of Training of Salon & Spa at Urban Company and HBS Jury member talks about understanding different skin types and choosing the right facials for clients.

Are facials gender specific?

Not really. While the structure of skin is the same, what differs is the exfoliation. Most men tend to have oily skin which needs regular grooming. Shaving exfoliates the skin, and hence, a strong exfoliator cannot be used for men. For eg; if a man has shaved in the morning, a product that has thioglycolic acids should be avoided as it could cause double exfoliation leaving the skin to become more sensitive.

Choosing the right exfoliators based on the client’s skin type and concerns

Oily skin

  • Use a granulated scrub
  • Physically lifts the dead skin

Dry skin

  • Use an enzyme-based exfoliator
  • Granulated exfoliator can cause irritation

Combination skin

  • Avoid aggressive exfoliators as the rest of the skin is dry with few oily patches
  • Use gel-based exfoliators

Mature skin

  • Ensure skin hydration
  • Remove dead skin
  • Use a light AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) based products for facials

AHA are acids from milk and sugarcane that help in removing dead skin cells, exfoliation, moisturising and plumping up the skin without causing any irritation.

How often do you recommend a facial?

  1. Young skin with acne breakout – A deep cleansing treatment would be good instead of a facial
  2. Below 20-25 years – Once in 45 days as the metabolism is high
  3. 25-40 years – Once a month
  4. At 30 years – One must start anti-ageing facials
  5. Post 40 years – The frequency of getting facials done depends on the skin condition as the skin becomes dry and the body functions slow down. Once in 20 days a facial would be good. However, certain conditions such as pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles etc., might need frequent intervention

We need to put in a lot more effort in understanding skin correctly before educating clients. As professionals if the skin type is not identified correctly no matter what brand of product you use you will never get the right benefits. This is the key to the success of skincare.

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