Bony Sasidharan talks about the right approach to beard maintenance

Beard grooming has taken a creative turn during the lockdown with consumers trying interesting DIY hacks. However, beard management can be daunting and requires commitment to ensure a well-groomed and maintained mane. Bony Sasidharan, National Key Accounts Manager (PPS) at Schwarzkopf Professional and HBS Hair Jury Member talks about how professionals can help clients to manage their beards and change their grooming game.

How can male clients manage their beards?

Barbers understand the need for beard management. If the beard is not groomed the right way, it can make one look like a caveman which is an out dated style now.

Beard management involves skin care and ensuring beard hygiene simultaneously. A lot of clients use products like body wash, soap and shampoo which is not suitable for facial hair.

It requires specific products to condition, nourish the skin and keep the beard soft. The right approach is to use professional products to wash and condition beard hair, followed by beard oil, blow-dry and beard wax to ensure it stays intact.

Beard looks are getting more refined these days. Male clients love beards which add a masculine, edgy look. Post the lockdown, the popular trend is a clean-shaven look. But many men will continue to have a beard as they love the

compliments! The popular beard trends are slight gentle fade, well-trimmed, angular long square shape and sharp conical beard.

“Success is an ongoing process. What you deliver today and tomorrow determines how successful you are.”

What are the common mistakes professionals make during beard grooming?

A lot of clients turn up and say that the barber didn’t understand their requirements and they ended up losing length. There are different ways of handling long beard. Talking to your client and using reference pictures to understand their requirements helps achieve the desired results. Secondly, always recommend your clients to use specific and branded beard products. Once they use it, they will understand its significance and will come back and thank you.

COVID-19 has helped clients realize the true value of their hairstylist. We now have more knowledgeable clients who depended on products and DIY in the pandemic. We need to update our technical knowledge and skills and be ready to groom them well.

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