This collection takes inspiration from the classic beauties of the Renaissance, its sophistication and attention to detail, providing a modern and fresh touch through interesting textures and shapes, worked with avant-garde techniques, without renouncing to the essence and refinement of the time.

He opted for a masculine side of Renaissance fashion to complement and contrast with the hair. Colour, between copper and gold, seeks to preserve the authenticity of the tones and shades, ensuring that they are daring, stimulating and striking but still keeping their naturalness.

This collection is reminiscent of the Renaissance aesthetics, but the textures and shapes are different. Using coppers and gold he wanted to represent rich and authentic colours that were stimulating and eye-catching yet authentic.

It is a tribute to the classic stylists under the avant-garde prism that inspires the current stylists through creative experimentation with textures, structures, shapes and volumes.

Hair: Keith Bryce @keithbryce_
Hair Assistant: Keith Bryce @keithbryce_
Photography: Keith Bryce @keithbryce_
Retouche: Adam Nelson
MUA: Marie Fuentes @hairmother
Styling: Keith Bryce @keithbryce_
Models: Mariah Angela Karg – @Mariahxangela | Taylor Lorna Murphy – @moonladytay | Julia Pruett – @Juliaa.Pruett |Isabella M Jacinto – @bellamjacinto | Sage Halstead – @SaleenNigma
Products: Bio Ionic @@bioionic_pro | The Wet Brush @thewetbrush

Modern Renaissance Collection by Keith Bryce