Disutopía, the first collection of this team, refers to the Japanese term dystopia, which is the starting point for the futuristic inspiration of this work. Dystopias describe a dehumanized world, with tyrannical governments that control everything, environmental disasters and other characteristics associated with the cataclysmic decline of society. In art, it has served to alert us on how contemporary societies are heading towards the new order, which has been created from the destructuring of everything human and sensible.

Unfortunately, we are heading towards that destiny, an uncertain future in which the creative power of each individual and his own distinction and personalization will triumph over a hypnotized society, where citizens are mere automata. In this near future, only individuality and artistic expression can prevent the complete loss of the human soul and what defines us as thinking, creative and rational beings. This is the starting point of a collection that reflects with its aesthetics an inverted structure to the established, in which reused plastic elements are a protest against the infestation of the environment.

For this reason, in Disutopía, hair is the reflection of an identity that does not allow itself to be annulled by social dictates and that finds its lifesaver in the free expression of its individuality, its life saver. Colours boost all of their energy and blend together to shape an emerging and resilient image. The different lengths mark a distance with what is established and this surprising result is the reaffirmation of a self that refuses to be crushed by the dynamics of the environment.

Hair: Alfredo Valero y Miriam Mateo
Photography: David Arnal
Make-up: Yos Baute
Styling: Savior by Lu

DISUTOPÍA Collection