In the dynamic world of fashion and beauty, men’s mane trends are seeing a sea change with bold experiments to rehash the conventional cuts, colours, and styles. From textured crops with effortless swagger to pompadours that will make Elvis envious, and even mullets making a comeback, cooler than ever, this year’s trends are a buffet for your barbering brilliance. Get ready to dust off your clippers, stock up on the hottest styling products and prepare to transform your clients. 2024 is going to be a mane event!

Level up the locks with these cuts
The Shaggy Look

The shaggy cut is perfect for those looking for a cool, boy-next-door look and men will be seen sporting this lived-in look with elan. This relaxed cut has both a vintage and fresh vibe, bringing back the 80s to touch the heartstrings. 2024 is about the cropped shag, keeping the top longer so the hair can be styled in myriad ways. You can keep it pushed back or slicked back, or give it a messy, wet look. For a more formal look, part it on the side.
shaggy hair cut

The Bold Buzz Cut

This no-maintenance cut will continue with its popularity in 2024 but with creative variations. From textured buzz to skin fade buzz, these twists add a modern touch to this classic short cut. For the bold and adventurous, the cut gets creative with patterns and designs on the side, making a statement. To make this cut stand out, you can add bleach and colour.
No maintenance haircut

The Modern Pompadour

An evergreen haircut, the Pompadour, continues to reign in men’s hair fashion. 2024 expects modern variations on this classic, with faded sides and textured tops, giving it a more edgy feel. Other styles will have longer tops to add volume and shorter sides and back for a cleaner look. This modern take on the Pompadour makes it more versatile and suitable for both informal and formal occasions.
everygreen haircut

Mullets make a comeback

Long mullet, mini mullet, straight or curly mullet – all of them are hot and trending in 2024. This retro trend has made a bold comeback, redefining itself with contemporary tweaks for the modern man. The Faded Mullet, with short sides that blend seamlessly into the longer tresses at the back, is a favourite. The Textured Mullet is another popular tweak, adding layers and texture enhancements to the hair, giving it a rugged, cool vibe. A bold contrast is the Undercut Mullet with a disconnection between the longer back and shorter sides.
mullet haircut

Colours that Dare to Dazzle
Chocolate Brown

From Kartik Aryan and MS Dhoni, all are sporting the chocolate brown hair colour. It complements different skin tones and can be styled in many ways, from subtle highlights to a full dye. An easy-to-style colour, it exudes sophistication and style.

Charcoal Grey

An edgy and modern hue, charcoal grey, brings out confidence and class. It is also a natural extension of the naturally greying hair. This trendsetting choice works well with all cuts and styles, complementing every skin tone.

Light Blonde

You can try the light blonde hair colour for a youthful and rebellious vibe. This sun-kissed hue has a beachy charm and complements a wide range of skin tones. Many celebrities are going in for this vibrant transformation this year.

Dark Golden Blonde

This popular hue is the perfect blend of depth and vibrancy. The warm gold tones mixed with a darker base give a textured look to the mane and add sophistication to the overall look. This refined choice looks good on all hair lengths and face cuts.
Dark Ash Brown

Dark Ash Brown

It is an excellent choice for men who want a trendy colour but don’t want it to be over the top. This understated combination of brown and grey lends an air of elegance. It looks particularly good on men with a fair complexion.

Natural Textures Rule

2024 is all about embracing your natural texture and adding tons of personality with strategic styling. For those with natural waves, enhance the wave pattern with minimal fuss. Think beachy waves with a tousled finish, defined curls with a bit of shine, and even textured waves with a side part for a more polished look. For those with long and flowing tresses, let them grow out and add layers to the hair for movement and volume.

This year promises to be upbeat for men’s hair so, amp up your arsenal and hone your skills to give your clients these stunning transformations.