Top industry speakers shared insights on in-trend services in salons at the recently concluded StyleSpeak Beauty Conference at HBS 2023

The 3rd edition of StyleSpeak Beauty Conference presented by Dermalogica included a Panel Discussion on ‘Trending Services in Salons’ moderated by Samir Srivastav CEO, LOOKS. Panellists included Dr. Surabhi Sharma, Consultant Dermatologist, Kaya Clinic and Geeta Rao, Founder, Geeta’s List who shared valuable insights on the popular services trending in clinics and salons.

  • Scalp treatments
  • Holistic approach
  • Chemical peels
Importance of Scalp Health

Before we understand the treatments, it is important to know that the impact of scalp health. Dr. Surabhi Sharma says, “In any treatments we do, there are debris left on the scalp and there is a ph (acidic or alkaline ph) level. Skin ph is 5.5, similarly the scalp ph has to be around the acidic range. The debris deposited in the scalp have a role in thinning of the hair or loss of hair. While the materials used in the salon industry or homecare routine change the ph of the scalp, the clinical detoxifying treatments are targeted towards correcting the ph so that whatever the clients apply is absorbed properly, therefore maintaining the health of the scalp. The procedures done in the clinic are mainly medical that stimulate hair growth.”
Scalp treatments: This is one of the most popular treatments. Some of the common concerns faced by clients are

  1. Density of hair
  2. Thinning of hair
  3. Hair loss
  4. Medical conditions like dandruff or psoriasis (again a medical condition)
  5. Split ends
  6. Frizziness
Clinical Solution

Mesotherapy: With the help of vitamins, minerals and low light laser therapy or PRP (plasma therapy), this treatment can stimulate growth of the hair.

Salon Solution

The health of the hair is not limited to the scalp but also the length of the hair. As hair is exposed to heat and pollution during the day, there is wear and tear. Therefore, treatments like hair mask and the shampoo and conditioner used by the client also plays a significant role. The client has to be educated about how to maintain the health of the hair at home.

Holistic trend

Another trend that is catching up with clients is a holistic approach. Skin values have come into hair. It’s important to understand that scalp is also skin and is part of the skin and part of the body. For example, PRP is something that is used in facials on skin, microneedlling is being used on the face. Consumers are also looking at holistic and optimal health of hair and skin. Sharing important insights on this approach, Geeta Rao said, “One of the big trends being seen post Covid is the great belief in health and clients want optimal health at whatever age and stage they are in. It is about not only good hair but the overall appearance and if the rest of my body will feel good with whatever treatment I do. Scalp is an important place to begin in lot of our treatments. The key is holistic. We are seeing people who want to start with scalp.”

Skin treatment

As far as skin treatments are concerned, medifacials are in trend. It is a competition for salon treatments as clients are aware of what is good for their skin. Due to Instagram and Facebook, they are much more aware about the actives which is not always possible on the salon level. Medifacials and microdermabrasion are done in clinics with a machine to superficially exfoliate.
Chemical peels are another treatment that has gained popularity. However, clients need to be educated about the use of peels. “With chemical peels comes an entire package of care and that pack includes a sunscreen, a DD cream, hydrator and you have to manage the post peel care. After the treatment you have to use sunscreen otherwise the skin will get damaged. Salons need to educate the client,” adds Geeta.

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