Tips to prepare your bridal clients to look gorgeous on their wedding day!

The wedding season has arrived, and it’s time to stock up on some skincare and make-up products. While the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face and functioning of the beauty industry, the reopening of salons has been a sigh of relief for the brides and grooms to be. Although with a slight apprehension, clients are gaining confidence with the way the salon industry has opened their doors – with high standards of hygiene and safety.

For every bridal make-up artist, having a beautiful bride feeling happy and confident in her skin and bridal look is a dream come true.

Hence, it is time for the professionals to work their charm and magic to help their bridal clients flaunt flawless skin on their D-Day. StyleSpeak brings you expert insights from Ojas Rajani, Arpita Das and Cherag Bambboat to get the pre-wedding skincare regimen right and bridal make-up look on-point.

“Fall in love with yourself. Groom your inner soul. Repackage yourself internally and externally to bring out your inner existing beauty.” – Ojas Rajani

Bridal Make-up Routine

As rightly said by Celebrity Make-up Artist and Entrepreneur, Cassandra McClure, “The best makeup artists in the world use make-up to magnify the beauty that already exists.”

The positive outcome of novel coronavirus is the change in the consumer mindsets about beauty, grooming and self-care. Today, people are equally concerned about how they feel from within apart from outer beauty. It is indeed true, happy brides are the prettiest!

Highlighting on the skincare and bridal make-up look, Ojas Rajani, Celebrity Make-up artist and Founder, Ojas Rajani Makeup & Hair Academy says, “Hydration is the key to flawless skincare and make-up. If the skin is dry and patchy, the foundation doesn’t blend well and the make-up looks cakey and heavy.”

She further emphasizes on using ice cubes, hydrating face packs and lubricating creams followed by water-based primers and foundations to give full and long-lasting coverage and hydrated skin so that make-up looks creamy and dewy.

Pre-Wedding Skincare Regimen:

Make-up is pure magic that enhances your facial features and beauty. It’s like your second skin that makes you more confident on the social front. However, the hectic schedules most individuals have these days has led to various skincare woes like acne, dry and itchy skin.

Arpita Das – Cosmetologist & International Beauty Educator, Director, Beauness By Arpita says, “Lots of preparation is required behind the

curtain to get flawless and glowing skin. For a deep problematic skin condition, start the treatment early with a dermatologist. Have a proper consultation with a skincare expert, understand current skin scenario and set the expectations for the skin.”
Tips for flawless skin

  • Cleanse regularly, exfoliate weekly, moisturise and use safe eyecare products
  • Never skip using sunscreen for your homecare regime
  • Get your professional facial treatment done by skin expert
  • Multivitamins like vitamin C, D, E, B12, iron are essential
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Avoid processed and spicy food, alcohol, smoking, excess intake of tea/coffee and refined sugars

“Depending on your skin condition, starting a proper skin care regimen 2-3 months before the D-Day is highly recommended.” – Arpita Das

Trendy Bridal Make-up Looks:

“Monochromatic or contrast of colours are the popular make-up looks for the brides”, says Cherag Bambboat, Celebrity Make-Up Artist and Founder, Magical Makeovers & Academy.
It’s best to choose colours that will complement the bride’s skin tone. One can have a dewy look mixed with smoky eyes. As a professional, one must have the expertise to match the right technique to achieve the right desired look, he concludes.
Tips for professional make-up artists

  • Use a sanitization method for make-up
  • Skin needs to be oil-free, not too sticky or dry. Hence, use a moisturiser based on the skin type
  • Primers play an important role, so don’t forget to prime the skin correctly
  • Minimal layering is best when it comes to bridal make-up
  • Create a nice satin finish with a focus feature on the face
  • Sometimes, just all bold lip does the trick

This wedding season brings in lots of cheer and joy for the brides-to-be and the professional make-up artists. As professionals, it is time to make your client’s bridal moments memorable and beautiful with ethereal looks and positivity all around.

“A bride’s makeover depends on her make-up artist’s skill and experience making way for trends adhering to hygiene which are crucial.” – Cherag Bambboat

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