StyleSpeak brings to you Industry Expert’s Quick Fixes to tackle Wedding Fiascos

Wedding Fiascos are normal. There is no need to panic when a wedding fiasco arises, instead you must stay calm and look for ways to fix it in. Every time you handle one fiasco, you become more careful while prepping for the next wedding service.
Wedding fiascos happen not just with you but also with leading artists. So StyleSpeak asks your favourite artists to share their wedding fiascos and the ways they tackled them in to help you prepare better for your next wedding assignment.

Indra Ahluwalia, HBS Warpaint Juror & Owner of Grace Beauty Clinic Pvt Ltd Shares with StyleSpeak,

On numerous occasions we have had to face situations where the brides are unable to control their tears, which is a big hindrance in the makeup. Obviously we cannot ask the bride to wait for the foundation or eyeliner to dry before she could shed a tear! Those black lines running down the face is a nightmare. We have no option but to scrape out the under eye and apply a two-way cake to blend and give an even tone again.

Another fiasco and the most common is when the outfit or jewellery fails to co-operate on the bride’s most important day. Zips and Maang Tikka/Passa are a makeup artist’s biggest foe! Lucky, and a few are the times when we have not had issues with either or both of them. Although it is not an artist’s duty to ensure that the outfit and jewellery are in place but it is more of an unsaid responsibility.
We always make sure that we carry a swing kit and a plier in our kits. I know it sounds weird for an artist to carry these tools but trust me, they come in handy, almost EVERY TIME!

Post COVID we have experienced a steep increase in Destination weddings. My daughter-in-law, Jasmine Ahluwalia always has stories to share whenever she comes back from a destination makeup. Leaving the reputed hotels, the venue comes as a surprise to us artists. There should be a designated room/make-shift salon for the bride and guests to get dolled up by our team. Poor lighting, improper seating, shortage of power sockets, etc are just a few things which almost every team would have encountered in their career. To curb these shortcomings, we carry our ring lights and power extensions but there are always weight restrictions when you are travelling for makeups. This is where ‘Grace Makeup Van’ is a saviour! The concept of salon on wheels is perfect to eliminate most of the fiascos at destination weddings as it provides all the comforts of a salon.

Cherag Bambboat, HBS Warpaint Juror & Celebrity MUA, Founder of Magical Makeovers & Academy Shares with StyleSpeak,One of the major fiascos is when the lip makeup is done and the bride wears a nath. Due to continuous smiling or lip movement causes the nath to move and the lipstick spreads all over. The fastest fix for this is to run studio fix mac powder foundation around the lipstick and use long wear lipstick. Avoid gloss at all times.

The Kohl or the Kajal keeps spreading because sometimes the brides get emotional. The trick to avoid this is to use a Black Gel Liner inside the eye and to smudge the outer rim with a black and brown shadow so that the powder will always stop the cream from going ahead and spreading below the powder line, this is how you can protect the Kajal from creating ugly smudges and avoid the stains that could show in the makeup during the wedding.

Whenever working with an outdoor bride with excess humidity, always create in-between powder layers between the concealer and the foundation because the brides sweat and perspire a lot. One amazing olden age tip is to use a hair spray as a makeup fixer which helps to give a glow to the face and it completely takes away all the sweat, perspiration and oil from the skin because most hair sprays contain Alcohol. Make sure that the hairspray doesn’t enter the client’s eyes. Inform your client before doing this. This is a trick that was done years and years ago by a lot of veteran makeup artists much before primers and fixers were introduced.

These are some wedding fiascos our Makeup experts had to deal with. Be better prepared and learn from their mistakes. Keep their tips and tricks in mind to give the best, no-fiasco makeup looks to your clients.