Red carpet is flooded with beards, whether it’s a chinstrap or a stubble. Celebrity groomers are choosing distinctive beard styles that provide an eye-catching yet unique appearance. Men are growing beards and styling them in the hottest ways imaginable, saying goodbye to the clean-shaven aesthetic! 2024 is all about the rugged and masculine look dominating men’s grooming options with vintage beard styles making a comeback with a twist! With so many different beard styles to pick from, renowned hairstylist Jim Shaw foresees which ones will be most fashionable in 2024 and provide the most flattering looks!

Van Dyke beard

The Van Dyke beard is experiencing resurgence in popularity. Named after the famous Flemish painter for being his symbolic beard, this style is back with a little twist. For 2024, the combination of goatee and moustache is blended with either a full beard or fade while keeping it more defined. With celebrities sporting this beard trend, it was bound to gain popularity among the modern-day men who are looking to give themselves a celebrity-inspired look.


Stubble is a trend which never goes out of style! What was once avoided for its untidy look is now embraced by everyone from celebs to corporate guys. A perfect fit for men who prefer short

beard rather than a grown one. It strikes a balance between the clean shaven and beard keeping a classy but casual look intact. This beard style enhances facial features like jawline and can be paired with a moustache.

The anchor beard

What can be better than donning Tony Stark AKA Iron Man’s signature beard for 2024? The anchor beard or what some preferably call an ‘inverted T’ is pretty well-defined but does leave room for some creativity. For a clean, crisp look, the beard can be paired with a thin moustache. Since the beard traces the jawline, it should be kept neat while allowing its width to flare out a little. This not only enhances the jawline but also gives a well-defined sharp look.

Full beard

A full beard allows more experimental looks than any other. It offers a natural and effortless look while adding a strong masculine touch. Managing a full beard can be difficult but possible with serious amount of dedication nevertheless. Though a full beard won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it surely can make a statement and ooze confidence!

So, grab the best of styling products and get ready to try on the trending beards.