How to help clients from makinge mistakes that fade their hair colour and leaving them disappointed

Colouring hair is an exciting experience for clients, but maintaining the colour can be a big challenge for them as it comes with lots of do’s and dont’s.

All hairstylists know many tips to help maintain hair colour which their own but clients are often unaware of. However, iIf the colour fades before the promised duration, the disappointed client often blames the hairstylist . This often leads to a bad review and even loss of the clients.

To avoid such situations, here is a guide, that will help you solve all the hair colouring challenges you face with your clients.

1) Choose your Shampoo with Care!

Shampooing daily sure sounds hygienic but it is not healthy for either the hair or the hair colour. The hair colour fades quickly when the hair comes in contact with water and chemicals too often. The shampoos contain a lot of chemicals, salt and sulphate that could react with chemicals formula of the hair colour which can lead to a loss of the shiny hair colour. Another problem is ‘hard water’. Even if you suggest a shampoo suitable to the colour you’ve used for the client, the hard water might not support you with that plan. Hard water is harsh to the hair as it contains excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium leading to colour fading or turning into a moss-green colour.

  • Suggest hair wash only once a week and use sulphate and salt free shampoos and conditioners.
  • Recommend a water softener for hard water.
2) Protect the Hair before a Swim!

Chlorine water can indeed change your client’s hair colour into a green shade . No, the chlorine is not the bad guy here! It’s just a chemical that keeps the pool clean and bacteria-free. But the only side effect is hair and skin damage. This harmful chemical can strip away all the natural oil from hair quickly and damage the cuticle and protein. It also dissolves the hair lipids which keeps the hair manageable, shiny and healthy. To cut a long story short, chlorine water weakens the hair, completely fades away the hair colour and leaves a strange unappealing green colour.

If your clients love swimming, then suggest them these tips:

  • Take a cold shower and wet the hair completely before you enter the pool.
  • A quick shower after swimming is a must.
3) Hair needs sun protection too!

Sunscreens are not just for the face and body, the hair requires equal protection too, especially if it’s coloured. UV rays are harmful to the colour and can be one of the reasons for quick colour fading. Your clients should know about UV Hair Protection or Hair Sunscreen. It is your responsibility to suggest your clients these products before sending them home.

  • They should carry sun-protecting products and consider reapplying.
  • They should apply sun protection for hair every day just like skin sunscreen.

4) Use Heating tools with protection

Your clients will soon learn that using hair heating tools often or every day is bad for hair health. Does it damage the hair colour? Yes, it definitely will! The heat from these tools produces steam which forces the colour molecules to leave the hair leading to colour fading.

The solution to this problem are ‘heat protection’ products which help keep the hair healthy and shiny. Suggest your clients the best heat-protecting products and teach them how and when to use it.

  • Apply heat-protecting spray or serum generously before using heating tools.
  • Suggest to avoid styling hair with heating tools every day. It’s best to limit the use to once a week.

These tips will save your customers from being disappointed if their hair colour goes wrong and jump to the wrong conclusion. So, make sure your client knows of them!.
That’s all you need to have a set of beaming clients who happily flaunt their coloured tresses!