From classic to trendy, be inspired by some of the season’s hottest nail looks

Words | Snehal Sachde

Calling all nail artists! Paint your nails with the colours and designs of the summer with this comprehensive tutorial. From reimagined classics to new innovations, 2024 is a whirlwind of ingenious inventions on the manicuring medium. With a contrast of minimalistic, ‘clean’ looks and maximalist ‘Barbiecore’ designs, trends from the fashion and beauty landscape manifest in nail art design in a kaleidoscope of clashing ideas. Here are some of our picks for the top nail trends of the summer:

1.Aura Nails

If there is anything Generation Z is known for, it is bringing back Y2K trends with their own modern twists. Summer 2024 has brought back the aura nail trend from the early 2000s. This is a two-toned nail look with a diffused, interior tone surrounded by an exterior hue. Using a dotting tool and a brush or sponge to blend, let the colour in the middle diffuse evenly into the rest of the nail, creating a cohesive, ethereal look. An airbrush tool also works wonders in creating this uniquely mesmerising design. Pair this design with the also trending Russian Almond nail shape – a longer, more pointed variation of the traditional almond shape – for a cool look that can beat this burning heat.

2.Barbie Nails/Coquette Nails

No one has forgotten the summer of Barbie that struck us last year, unleashing a veritable torrent? of pink, ultra-feminine looks into popular culture. The summer of 2024 leans even more into this trend, resulting in what is known on social media as the “coquette” or “balletcore” trend. This summer, your nails will scream pink with bows, frills, and rhinestones all being popular choices for nail art. This trend is also where nail accessories shine more than the nail paint. Rhinestones, bows, feathers, and even 3-D bubble looks all feature heavily in Barbie-themed manicures, bringing to life the film phenomenon through art.

3.Revitalised French Tips

Even with Barbiecore sweeping the nation, women have not yet let go of the classics. Pairing well with the ‘clean girl’ trend, variations of the classic French tip manicure are always in trend. Short, square nails have been popular since 2023, and they go perfectly with a minimalist French nail style. Yet, creative renditions of this style are also in trend. Summer 2024 has brought a novel switch to the traditional manicure, with thin tips reigning supreme. To change up the classic, some are opting for thin, chrome or colourful tips done with tapered brushes instead of the traditional wide, cream tip. Floating tips are also in for the summer, where the base of the nail is coloured and the tips are left clean. Either way, the French tip leaves

plenty of room for imagination and expression.

4.Blue Themes

Wave hello to summer blues! Whether you are vacationing abroad, or finding your peace right at home, the seven seas are calling to you. 2024’s summer trends see some truly incredible painted designs, with everything from waves, beaches, seashores, the sun, the sky, and the clouds being featured right at your fingertips. A precision brush, together with an acetone-dipped Q-tip, is your best friends in creating these intricate designs just in time for the summer heat. If you can’t reach the summer seas, bring them to you right in the palm of your hands. If you can’t sea yourself with beach themes on your nails, you can also opt for cherries, pearls, and other elaborate designs on nails. They are sure to impress.

5.Jelly Nails

K-Beauty madness and TikTok trends have combined to create this unique, 90s-reminiscent jelly nails trend. Called the lip-gloss for nails, jelly nails incorporate a smooth, translucent finish over pastel tones to create a soft, almost syrup-like look on your fingertips. Create this look using multiple coats of transparent, high-gloss top coat over a sheer colour. Customize the look for yourself by using chrome paints, chrome powders, designs, or different nail accessories. Creating a gradient colour effect by diffusing colours with a sponge, and then adding the top coat can also create your very own version of gradient jelly nails. With this unique style, the possibilities are endless and the results are divine.

And there you have it! These are five incredibly unique summer styles that are sure to impress in these coming months. No matter how you spend your summer, these nails will be sure to provide a pop of colour amidst the bright milieu.