Aankith Aroraa talks about his company’s new brand, created during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure safe hygiene practices.

If there is one thing that COVID-19 pandemic has done, it is to make mankind develop new, technologically advanced products and gadgets for creating a safer, sanitised environment around them.

With everyone concerned about their safety, whether at home, in office or at the salon….safety from the coronavirus, ME SAFE, a Streamline Service India initiative has come at the right time. This carefully designed and curated range of hygiene essentials are formulated to meet our country’s safety needs. ME SAFE was born as a solution to the pandemic and is emerging to be an end to end portfolio now for homes, salons, offices, gyms, and other channels.

SS WEEKLY in conversation with Aankith Aroraa, CEO of Streamline Services India, learns about the brand’s initiative and its different offerings.

You have just launched ME SAFE. How is it different from the other hygiene essentials in the market?

ME SAFE has been carefully curated with the feedback of industry experts from the salon and the medical fraternity. We have made customised one-time use kits that will reduce multiple touchpoints and everything you need to conduct as an effective salon service with utmost hygiene standards. All will be found in one kit, i.e. it could be a waxing service/Mani-Pedi service/Facial service/Haircut/Hair colour service.

You have created different variants for different applications- home, office, salon/spa, etc. What is the difference in these ranges?

We have looked at each channel and worked on their respective needs. The consumer and their needs vary in all channels and hence we have curated kits for them, accordingly. We are also launching our new “Security Guard Kit” and “Personal CAR Kit” keeping in mind the needs of different consumers.

Has the product been in the market earlier or is it a new brand especially created for the pandemic ne?

This is a new brand born during Lockdown 2.0 and as they say, “Necessity Is The Mother Of

Invention”. ME SAFE was born as a result of the pandemic – but we are determined to make this a household name and have already started planning innovative launches across all channels. We have some really good innovation coming.

What’s the USP of your products?

Our USP is quality and innovation. The quality will always remain the best; most importantly – we will innovate and bring some of the most unique solutions for ME SAFE patrons.

Could you throw some light on the tag ‘Hygiene will never be the same again’?

Well, hygiene was always a state of mind – everyone perceived hygiene differently, but now it’s a pre-requisite to be around each other. If we don’t follow the best hygiene standards – we will be social distancing forever, which is not possible as human beings are social animals. There will be new standards set as we move forward, and we will need to adapt to the new normal.

As the lockdown continues in different parts of India, how do you plan to supply to your customers across the country?

We have already started shipping using different modes of transport, no matter how expensive they are. What matters is that we reach our customers when they need us the most and at the right time. ME SAFE is now available, across 12 cities of India already within 7 days of the launch. By the end of May, we will have covered the entire country.