Make hair manageable with innovative Nanoplastia hair treatment

When it comes to making curly or wavy hair, straight and smooth on a semi-permanent basis, Keratin treatments and recently, Botox treatments have dominated the hair market. These treatments also assert healthier-looking hair. While Nanoplastia also works to make hair straight, it is essential to understand that Nanoplastia and Keratin are not similar.

W One Premium Nanoplastia

This is a hair restoration treatment that helps to straighten, smoothen and defrizz the hair whilst also repairing it from within. Based on nanotechnology, it penetrates deeply into the structure of the hair to make all types of hair straight for an extended period.

  • Ability to leave a captivating shine onthe hair
  • Defrizz and make hair smooth like butter
  • Hydrated and nourished hair post the treatment
  • Unlike other brands claiming to be Nanoplastia, W One Premium is the original Nanoplastia without a deep cleansing shampoo and is a one-step treatment
  • Hair can be coloured and washed on the same day
  • 100% safe, cruelty free and best for the hair and health
  • Free from formaldehyde – a substance that could also cause cancer which is unsafe for both the professionals and clients
  • With Nanoplastia, there is a possibility of 0% breakage and a 200% hike in strength
  • It works on any and every hair type, making it an effective treatment for all
How Long Does A Nanoplastia Treatment Last?

If the hair has been treated with a Keratin treatment in the past, it is important to know that it is effective on the hair cuticles foronly up to 2-3 months. But with Nanoplastia, the results lastlonger.

Nanoplastia is also organic and much easier to apply than a Keratin treatment which is instrumental in leaving the hair with a natural smooth appearance. It is also an instant and easy way to straighten the hair while still keeping them healthy and safe.

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