Styling accessories offer endless possibilities to style hair

Hairstyling accessories often go unrecognized despite being the secret weapons in the arsenal of professional hairstyling. It is capable of transforming mundane hairdos into stunning works of art. The right hairstyling essentials can make a significant difference in achieving the perfect hairstyle. Choose from section clips, tinting brushes, mist spray bottles, dusting brush, fade brush, clipper combs and curl clips – offering endless possibilities when it comes to styling your client’s hair. These tools not only adorn hair but also symbolize the craftsmanship and artistry of the stylists who wield them, making each salon visit an experience filled with transformation and perfection.


Section Clips – Designed to divide & hold hair into manageable sections during cutting, coloring, or styling & makeup. They help keep hair out of the way, allowing the stylist to focus on one section at a time.

Spray Bottles – Transform tresses with a mist of glamour using spray bottles.

Fade Brush – Master the art of seamless fades with fade brush – where style meets precision effortlessly.

Dusting Brush – Define precision and pamper with neck dusting brush – the final touch for a polished, comfortable salon experience.

Tinting brushes – Elevate colour perfection with tinting brushes – the essential tools for crafting vibrant and customized hues.

Clipper Combs – Craft impeccable styles with finesse with clipper combs – where precision meets artistry in every cut.

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