The International Trainer and Aesthetician for Skeyndor, shares interesting insights on chemical peels and skin health

The ‘Skin health’ is a recent buzzword that is making waves in the beauty world. Consumers have come to realize that healthy, glowing skin radiates beauty. However, not many know that it is the trillions of microscopic bacteria that live on our skin which form the ‘microbiome’, who are responsible for the health and integrity of our skin!

StyleSpeak had the opportunity to meet and speak with Margaret Beales, International Trainer and Aesthetician Skeyndor, along with Sneh Koticha Contractor, Director of JCB Salons at the JCB Salon in Bandra, Mumbai about skin health and the new Probiome Peels launched by Skeyndor.

How do peels play an essential role in skincare?

Chemical peels are done by professionals to give different benefits to skin using different acids. However, chemical peels cause irritation, redness and inflammation to the skin, also destroying the microbiome.

So, what Skeyndor did is to introduce Chemical Peels and at the same time improve the health of the skin. At the same time, we wanted to restore the microbiome of the skin which is essential for the health of the skin.

Probiome Peels is the only range of Professional Peels that helps regenerate and cares for your skin. It’s an innovative multibiotic treatment that restores the microbiome in the skin. Formulated with a specific combination of acids to adapt to

every need and skin type, Skeyndor’s 5 highly effective peels is a personalised, advanced, safe and easy to apply treatment that enables excellent skin regeneration.

We are using 13 different acids in 4 or 5 peels. The ph only goes down to 3 and the % of acid is 40 %.

What are the different types of peels offered by Skeyndor?

Sensitive Peel
Lightening for Pigmentation and
Brightening for dull skin which became very popular after Covid when all were wearing mask.
Pore polishing which reduces the pore size and calms down the sebaceous glands.
Age smoothing peel for mature skin

What about combination skin?

I would treat the sensitive part of the skin and see how the skin reacts. If she is fine with that then the next time she came in give her the pore polishing peel. Personalization is the key to success these days.

We use the Skin Diagnosis machine to diagnose the problems and interact with the client to understand her concerns, how does she look after her skin at home, her diet, lifestyle, her preferences (organic, vegan), all these factors need to be taken into consideration and assess.

We recommend 4 – 6 treatments and they have to wait for 3 weeks before each treatment because the cells need 3 weeks to regenerate. This is the reason for the break between treatments because it would be too sensitizing for the skin.

Tell us about the post care regimen after peel treatments?

Skeyndor gives clients a 7-day home care pack that comprises of three products namely:

  • The multibiotic restoring complex which has prebiotics that help to feed the healthy bacteria on the skin and post biotics in it
  • DD cream (SPF 50, UVA, UVB and Infrared protection) also to be used during daytime, and Multivitamin to be used at night.
  • Post the treatment, clients must also use sunscreen.

After a clinical study, we found that the microbiome was fully restored. This proves the effectiveness of the treatment.

When the client comes for their second treatment, they often ask what homecare they should use. We often recommend the Power Hyaluronic (Hyaluronic acid moisturizer). For pigmentation concerns, Vitamin C products. Any products that protects the skin from the sun can be used.

How does Skeyndor detect various skincare concerns?

Skeyndor uses a unique skin diagnosis machine and interact with the client to understand its concerns. Factors like skincare at home, diet, lifestyle and preferences (organic, vegan) are taken into consideration for accurate analysis. The machine’s radiofrequency makes new collagen in combination with special products. Using drone technology, it targets certain receptors in the cell. It has also got LED lights to stimulate the skin and that is proving to be quite successful.

Do you witness any trend in skincare?
  • Individuals are moving away from cosmetic surgery
  • Younger people prefer Botox to reduce the formation of wrinkles
  • Multifunctional product
  • Skin Minimalism