Men’s grooming made easy with Skeyndor’s range of products

Men’s skin experience damage due to constant shaving and changes caused due to ageing. To tackle these and other skin-related issues faced by men, Skeyndor introduces Skeyndor Men, a revolution in masculine skincare.

The Skeyndor Men range homecare products

Detox face wash
After shave balm
Shine control emulsion
Anti-age serum.

SKEYNDOR MEN professional products in-salon treatment

Diamond exfoliant gel
Titanium facial mask
O2 energising concentrate

It also has a series of treatment protocols to ensure men receive the best results and experience conducive to their needs.


The extraordinary efficacy of the range is a result of the innovative selection of ingredients, which Skeyndor has scientifically demonstrated to produce visible results.

The resin from the Croton lechleri tree: Known as Dragon’s Blood extract, it has been chosen for its remarkable healing effects, to repair the tiny micro-cuts men obtain during shaving.

Adaptogen agent, Siberian Ginseng: Helps men’s skin maintain homeostasis, in stressful environments.

Taurine, an ingredient with osmoregulatory properties: Protects the skin from moisture loss, and dermosaccharides bind to the corneal layer and permanently moisturize the skin reducing skin irritation.

Enantia chlorantha alga: Reduces the skin’s natural production of oil, refining the pore size and normalising mixed and oily skins.

With Skeyndor products, men of all ages feel well-groomed and confident to brave the challenges of modern life.

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