A great hair cutting is critical for keeping your customers happy


What separates ordinary parlors from outstanding hair salons? The answer is customer satisfaction! And one way to ensure customer satisfaction is to have great hair cutting chairs for them to sit on!

When customers get a haircut, it’s not just the quality of the cut, but also the experience while getting it that determines their fulfillment. Chairs go a long way in maintaining a calm and serene vibe during thecut and serve as the perfect companions for hair stylists. So, how does one choose the right hair cutting chair?

While the market is cluttered with innumerable options, finding a chair that not only spells pure panache but also exudes blissful warmth is rare. Rarer is the chance to find one that’s super tough on the inside and eye-catchingto look at.

A brand that delivers beyond the best for all styling needs, IKONIC has always been a step ahead in catering to the demands of the market.

With class leading performance and soothing comfort in mind, IKONIC now brings to you the “PROFESSIONAL-257”a chair that blends

sublime style with state of the artsubstancetocreatea marvel never seen before!

Boasting of extra wide cushioned seats as well as deep padded armrests, any client who lies on this chair will dive into a world of sublime solace. The product features a heavy-duty hydraulic pump that keeps it ready and robust for the long haul, it is also equipped with a high tech anti-slip chassis that radically reduces chances of slipping and other damage.

The “PROFESSIONAL-257”can seamlesslymould into the design language of every salon, thanks to its fully customizable skin that allows one to choose any color they wish for! May it be ravishing red or beautiful black, you can cover the “PROFESSIONAL-257” in any shade you desire. Last but not least, the chair’s ultra firm chrome base ensures this mighty machine remains strong and sturdy no matter what.

Crafted with care, moulded in excellence and built to last, IKONIC’s PROFESSIONAL-257 is tailor made for salons that like to stay classy and comfy, all at the same time.