Revolutionize hair care from salon to home

Schwarzkopf Professional introduces Fibre Clinix, a salon-exclusive hair care regimen that revolutionizes hair care from salon to home. Developed with the most research and cutting-edge science and technology while providing a commitment to customization, this modular system allows hairstylists to provide professional services tailored to each client’s unique hair needs. To maintain bonds and prolonged effect of in-salon neutralization the benefits extend to home care, offering extra care and protection to the hair. Fibre Clinix caters to every customer looking for a premium experience.

Fibre Clinix Bonding Oil

These high-performing oils are powered by the revolutionary Permanent Repair Technology delivering deep nourishment and repair, penetrating both inner and outer layers of the hair, strengthening against split ends, breakage, and damage by creating covalent bonds and actively repairing and safeguarding the hair’s keratin leaving hair feeling incredibly soft and renewed.

Fibre Clinix Bonding offers two variants Light Oil and Rich Cream-to-Oil, tailored to specific hair types.

  • The Light Oil: Ideal for fine or coloured hair, providing lightweight nourishment and protection as a both pre-wash treatment and overnight care.
  • The Rich Cream-to-Oil: Perfect for coarse or damaged hair, deeply nourishing and revitalizing strands for resilience.
  • Deliver long-lasting nutrition
  • Instant hydration
  • Smoothness
  • Shine
  • Protection against UV, heat, and color fade

With fast-absorbing formulas, they cater to various hair care needs, ensuring optimal results with every use.

Powered by Permanent Repair Technology, these oils repair damaged hair while preserving colour vibrancy and sustainability, delivering lightweight and yet deeply nourishing smoothness for a luxurious finish. With its Triple Bonding and C21 Technology, these solutions redefine hair care standards by reconstructing surfaces and fortifying inner bonds, ultimately leading to visibly healthier hair. With a commitment to this innovation, offers a unique mix-and-match approach to address diverse hair concerns, allowing hairdressers to customise treatment according to the specific needs of every client.

Mira Kapoor, the hair muse for Schwarzkopf Professional, says, “Fibre Clinix epitomises hair care perfection with its dedication to innovation and accuracy. Backed by advanced technology and a comprehensive range catering to diverse hair types, Fibre Clinix empowers individuals to confidently showcase their hair, knowing it receives the utmost care and attention.”

Available at all salons across India