Srinivasan Subramani, National Sales Head – Schwarzkopf Professional India, outlines the brand’s commitment to setting industry standards

Schwarzkopf Professional India celebrated the best in hairdressing at the British Hairdressing Awards 2023, along with a team of India’s top salon chain directors and celebrity hairdressers. The BHAs have been sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional over many years and this is the first time that a group of distinguished industry stalwarts from India was hosted by them to attend these prestigious Awards.

What is the role of British Hairdressing Award for Schwarzkopf Professional?

The British Hairdressing Awards play a pivotal role for Schwarzkopf Professional, serving as a prestigious platform that aligns with our commitment to excellence and innovation in the professional hair industry. Winning or being recognized at these awards enhances our brand visibility, credibility, and establishes us as a formidable player in the premium segment. It provides a unique opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge products and expertise, reinforcing our position as a go-to choice for discerning hairstylists and salon professionals. Additionally, the awards offer valuable networking opportunities, fostering collaborations and partnerships within the industry. Overall, the British Hairdressing Awards are a key element in elevating the Schwarzkopf Professional brand and reinforcing our dedication to setting industry standards.

Tell us about the Indian representation at the prestigious BHA event this year?

This year at the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards, Schwarzkopf Professional was honoured to host prominent representation from the Indian hairdressing industry like Aalim Hakim & Shano Hanspal Hakim – Founders Hakim’s Aalim, Spoorthy Shetty, CEO BBlunt, Latha Mohan, Managing Director Spalon India Private Limited, Sunil Karthik – Director, Jajis Innovation Salon. These renowned industry stalwarts, attended as our distinguished guests, symbolizing our commitment to fostering global connections and showcasing the caliber of talent within the Indian professional hair community. Their presence not only celebrated the excellence of our brand but also emphasized the international recognition and influence of Schwarzkopf Professional in the realm of professional hair.

In the dynamic world of the professional hair industry, as Schwarzkopf Professional, we recognize the growing influence of Western trends making their mark in India. In hair coloration, we observe the rise of personalized and multi-dimensional tones, mirroring the West’s emphasis on individual expression. Hair styling trends, such as effortless beach waves

and textured, undone looks, continue to gain popularity, aligning with Western preferences for a natural and versatile aesthetic.

Moreover, eco-conscious packaging is gaining traction in the West and is becoming a prominent trend in India as well. Consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable and recyclable packaging options. Schwarzkopf Professional is attuned to these shifts, ensuring our products not only meet high-performance standards but also align with global sustainability expectations.

As a brand, we are poised to leverage these trends, offering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving preferences of the Indian market while maintaining the premium quality and sophistication synonymous with Schwarzkopf Professional.

What were the emerging themes seen in the event?

This year, the British Hairdressing Awards showcased the evolving trends in hair coloration and hairdressing. The theme emphasized a harmonious blend of classic sophistication and avant-garde creativity. In terms of trends, we observed a surge in demand for natural, lived-in colours and effortless styling. Schwarzkopf Professional continues to stay at the forefront of these trends. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve aligns seamlessly with the industry’s evolving landscape, ensuring that Schwarzkopf Professional remains synonymous with premium and trendsetting hair care.

How has Schwarzkopf’s sponsorship helped to foster and grow the BHA?

Schwarzkopf Professional’s sponsorship has significantly contributed to the growth of the British Hairdressing Awards by providing crucial support and resources. Our partnership has elevated the event’s prestige, attracting top talent and industry influencers. Through strategic collaboration, we’ve enhanced the awards’ reach and recognition, creating a platform that celebrates excellence and innovation in professional hairdressing. Our sponsorship investments have not only elevated the overall experience for participants but also played a key role in fostering the event’s expansion and success within the industry.

Tell us about the customized trophy that is presented to the awardees, its significance etc.

The customized trophy presented to Schwarzkopf Professional awardees is a symbol of prestige and excellence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the trophy reflects our brand’s commitment to sophistication and innovation.