Natura’rt ensures optimal health for hair using natural ingredients

In a world where hair care products promise miracles, the NATURA’RT product line stands out for its simplistic promise of delivering intensive nourishment and genuine results. Enriched with organic chestnut extract sourced from Italy, its formulations provide hydration and health to the hair, aligning perfectly with the brand’s philosophy of utilizing nature’s gifts for optimal hair health.

NATURA’RT is not just about hair care; it’s also about responsibility. With a strong commitment to preserving the environment, the brand implements a zero-kilometer production chain.

NATURA’RT products exclude:
  • Synthetic colorants
  • Parabens – they have been replaced with effective yet minimal preservatives, ensuring stability and safety
  • Petrol-derived ingredients
  • Aggressive anionic tensioactive agents (SLS/SLES) – these are replaced with gentler alternatives, emphasizing the safety and gentleness of their products on both skin and hair
The NATURA’RT product line: This comprises of Remedy and Colour Care
Remedy Line

Remedy Mask: The NATURA’RT Remedy Mask is a luxurious treatment designed to breathe new

life into dull and damaged hair. Enriched with ceramide and olive oil complex, this mask delivers deep nourishment, hydration, and repair to the hair’s capillary fiber. To use, simply apply the Remedy Mask, leave it in place for 3-5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Remedy Shampoo: The NATURA’RT Remedy Shampoo is a powerful solution for those seeking to nourish and revitalize the hair. Upon application on wet hair, gently massage the shampoo on the scalp to thoroughly cleanse. Rinse and unveil vibrant and revitalized locks that exude vitality and radiance.

Colour Care Line

Colour Care Mask: For those with tinted hair, the NATURA’RT Colour Care Mask is an essential step in maintaining the hair colour’s vibrancy and brilliance. This mask complements the Colour Care shampoo, intensifying its effects and ensuring the hair remains silky, shiny, and full of colour.

Colour Care Shampoo: Formulated with an exquisite blend of ceramide, Vitamin E, and soya protein, Colour Care Shampoo goes beyond cleansing to preserve and enhance the colour of the hair. With each use, the colour-treated hair receives the care it deserves, maintaining its vibrant hue and stunning shine.

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