SSIZ International a leading owner and marketer of brands like Ikonic, Proarte, Biosoft and Cadiveu, hosted the first International Conclave for Cadiveu Professional in the presence of their Global CEO Anteo Pontoni and International Educator Marcos Mendes Vianna.

Held at the Sofitel in Mumbai, the Conclave was attended by owners and directors of top salons across India like Savio John Pereira, Capello, Nalini & Yasmin, BBlunt, Jean Claude Oliver, Vipul Chudasama, Splash, among several others.

The event showcased the success of Cadiveu since its launch in 2017 by SSIZ International and witnessed the exclusive launch of Cadiveu Essentials range in India. Anteo Pontoni, Cadiveu Global CEO & Rayed Merchant, SSIZ International Director highlighted the range and its benefits & need in the Indian market, while International Educator Marcos gave the audience tips on the most effective way to use the product.

StyleSpeak was present at the show and spoke with Anteo Pontoni and Rayed Merchant. Here are the key points.

Anteo Pontoni

What is the biggest change you have witnessed in the Indian industry in the last 5 years?

A lot has changed but the trend that is more evident nowadays is the search for more natural, vegan products which maintain the same performance and quality of more “chemical-based” products. Cadiveu already has lines that are vegan, natural, eco-friendly and cruelty-free (with the PETA seal) and we are in the process of transforming all our products in this way by mid-2023.

More specifically in the professional hair care business, we have seen a progressive introduction of smoothing products and techniques and in this field Cadiveu is one of the leaders in the global market. So, we are very confident we will continue expanding in India.

What are your future plans for India?

The speed at which the Indian cosmetic industry is growing is twice as fast as markets in the United States and Europe. It is no surprise that India is heading to become one of the leaders in the cosmetics industry of tomorrow and for this reason we will continue to invest, together with our local partners SSIZ International, supporting Indian hairdressers and final clients – introducing more lines, new salon services and training events.

In the future, we will evaluate the possibility to begin some local production in India.

Rayed Merchant

Tell us about your latest launch – how does it fulfil the Indian consumer’s needs?

Cadiveu has turned out to be a successful brand across India. With the response we have got from the top salons and consumers has motivated us to launch the new range of products – Cadiveu Essentials. Cadiveu Essentials is a legitimate representative of Generation Z: ultra-connected and who highly value her freedom of thought. Adept of sustainable movements in their environment.

With an increase in the awareness of consumers, there has been a drastic change in people’s buying behavior and usage of haircare products. Haircare routine includes products where ‘clean beauty’, ‘organically sourced’, ‘eco-friendly’, ‘sustainable’, ‘cruelty-free’, and ‘vegan’ are the new buzzwords.

How are the Indian consumers’ hair preferences evolving?

The beauty and personal care industry has grown exponentially over the last few years; especially since the COVID-19 ordeal pushed the industry to grow rapidly. With more and more consumers understanding the importance of hygiene and grooming, personal care product sales are soaring high.

The BPC (beauty and personal care) industry can be divided into body care, face care, hair care, hand care, and colour cosmetics – is evaluated to be worth $8 billion. With the increasing demand for hair care products, certain consumers trends are emerging:

COVID-19 tight pockets
While most products are within a moderate price range, it is still a priority for several consumers to buy a cost-efficient product with the best quality ingredients. Since not every high-priced product needs to offer better quality, consumers are looking for products that provide good quality within their budget.

Yes to natural ingredients

One of the biggest trendsthat consumers follow today is choosing products with natural ingredients. Based on the growing concern and awareness about health and wellness, consumers believe that choosing natural products isthe right course of action. From Vitamin C to green tea extract; organic products with minimal chemical ingredients are becoming popular.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions
With India bearing the brunt of environmental crises, eco-conscious young consumers are now purchasing products with eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients and packaging. This consumer pattern is not only helping the consumers as this environment-friendly packaging is less likely to affect or impact the products stored inside, but it also helps the environment by not adding to the soaring non-biodegradable garbage.

Tested and approved
More and more consumers today are trust and buy products with some sort of approval by the FDA, health department, or any other trusted organisation, to ensure that they ane not duped.

The event ended with a Cadiveu Walk showcasing models and the team members followed by a closing ceremony