Luxurious make-up brushes to redefine your makeup application and acheive a perfect finish

Ay.TyPro, understands the importance of makeup and considers it as an art. But an MUA needs excellent tools to create a masterpiece. Ay.TyPro luxury makeup brushes have been meticulously designed to meet the standards of makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. The combination of natural goat hair and synthetic fibers ensures a seamless blend of textures, allowing for precise application and a refined finish that enhances the natural beauty of your features.

Combination of natural goat hair and synthetic fibres


  • Softness
  • Resilience
  • Ability to hold
  • Even makeup distribution
  • Flawless and airbrushes finish
  • Optimal control and comfort


  • Quality of materials
  • Skilled artisans
  • Ergonomic design

Perfect for a seasoned makeup artist or a beauty enthusiast, Ay.TyPro’s Luxury Makeup Brushes helps to elevate the makeup game, embrace sophistication, and create stunning looks that leave a lasting impression.

Explore the Ay.TyPro collection now and discover the epitome of luxury in makeup brushes. Indulge in a world where performance meets sophistication, and let your creativity flourish with the tools designed to enhance your natural beauty. Elevate your makeup routine with Ay.TyPro’s Luxury Makeup Brushes – because every stroke deserves perfection.

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