The iconic Gateway of India in Mumbai was decked up to commemorate the World Digital Detox Day (WDDD) on December 5, 2023. The event bought together celebrities from different walks of life. Eminent personalities from the world of movies that included Anupam Kher, Sneha Wagh and Pavitra Punia graced the occasion with their presence. It also played host to the Celebrity Icon awards.

The main highlight of the event was WDDD Founder Dr. Rekha Chaudhari putting the spotlight on the importance of disconnecting oneself from the digital world. She echoed the core message of the program, which is the importance of striking a harmonious balance between our digital connections and real-world relationships. Reflecting on experiences and engaging in practical discussions, the day emphasized the need to voluntary detachment from the digital realm for deeper, more meaningful connections in our lives. The star-studded event not only celebrated accomplishments but also prioritized technology’s more informed and balanced role in our lives.

The event further highlighted the commitment of individuals and organizations towards fostering a healthier relationship with technology and creating a positive impact in the society.