27 Sep 2023

Vaseline has recently launched a new skincare range that is meant for darker skin tones. Called the Radiant X range, it helps to enhance moisture balance and also reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone. The range has an Even Tone Nourishing Body Lotion with 1% niacinamide, a Deep Nourishment Body Cream with 100% shea butter, a Replenishing Hydrating Body Oil, and a Hand Butter with shea butter.

According to Cara Sabin, President Beauty and Wellbeing at Unilever North America, the Vaseline’s new skincare range will resolve skincare issues in a melanin-rich country like India. Most brands overlook this concern and produce products that treat all skin types the same way. Vaseline’s new line breaks this barrier and uses scientific techniques and approach for effective results.