Gel manicures are one of the most popular nail treatments that customers take. Gel manicures require a UVA exposure to polymerize. So the nails are let to harden under a UV lamp as they need UVA light exposure to harden.

When hands, fingers, nails are regularly exposed to the UVA light, they are at the risk of contracting skin cancer as the UV lamp rays are more powerful than the rays of the sun. UVA rays are the wave lengths from the UV spectrum that cause changes in the DNA cells as they penetrate very deeply into the skin. This leads to development of cancer in the skin and premature skin aging like wrinkles and sun spots.

LED lamps are also used to harden the gel polishes and these lamps take lesser time to harden the nails that the UV lamps. But it doesn’t mean that LED lamps are safer, it is quite the opposite. LED lamps emit UVA rays that are much more intense than the UV lamps.