20 Oct 2023

A study by Traya, India’s first health-tech brand, reveals that 50% of men below 25 years of age are facing hair loss. Their study involved more than 500,000 men. The study added further that 25.89% of men less than 21 years old have reached stage 3 of baldness and this increases to 33.35% in the age group of 21-25 years. The study showed that hair loss is a major concern for men in this age bracket.

According to the study, the main reason for hair loss is dandruff, with 65% of men below 25 suffering hair loss due to it. Another reason is stress and anxiety, with 60% of men experiencing hair loss due to high stress levels. The study also revealed a lesser-known fact that gastronomic issues like gas, bloating, and other related problems in men also cause premature hair loss in 37% of men across different age groups suffering from it. Irregular sleep pattern is also a major contributor of hair loss with 30% of men below 25 years of age, experiencing it.

According to Saloni Anand, Co-Founder of Traya, hair loss is not only an external issue, but also a symptom of internal health problems. People do not understand the reasons for hair loss, the stages of hair loss and look out for solutions only after a few years of suffering premature hair loss. Such a delay leads to Stage 5 of hair loss, making it tough to reverse the change.