16 Feb 2024

The Professional, India’s first ever professional skincare brand that uses ancient formulations and processes, has made an entry into the skincare world. The brand, which is born out of a fine blend of innovation and heritage, aims to offer a variety of products using age-old traditional practices and modern science. Every product has been carefully created using ancient formulations and technology.

The Professional is focused on the salon industry and aims to enhance the skincare experience for clients and professionals. It has a variety of products catering to different skincare requirements, such as getting perfect skin tones, restoring youth, and dealing with skin sensitivity and impurities.

All the products are without toxic chemicals. The ingredients used in every product are herbal and natural. For instance, it uses 99.99% Indian-origin active ingredients into the Bhu-Vanaushadhi facial range. All its products have been carefully crafted to suit salon professionals who can integrate them into their skincare services.

With sustainable eco-friendly packaging, The Professional shows its commitment to sustainability and ensures that the products are not affected by oxidation, thereby safeguarding its potency and efficacy.

They offer a wide range of back-bars and home care regimens. The facial treatments are personalized for individual skin types and concerns, offering unique solutions tailored to the needs of the clients. They also offer mono dose facial kits that come in a single-use packaging, which eliminates any risk of cross contamination and assures freshness and efficacy.

Its star range is the The Revolutionary Range, also called the Bhu-Vanaushadhi Range. In this, it uses a new technique mixing ancient writings with innovative techniques and modern science offering holistic well-being. The hero treatments in this range are Bhu-Vanaushadhi Restoring + Sculpting, Bhu-Vanaushadhi Brightening + Perfecting and Bhu-Vanaushadhi Clarifying + Correcting.

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