The Postcard Hotels has bagged multiple awards at The World Travel Awards and The World Spa Awards 2021. The beauty of this hotel is that the founder has personally chosen the destinations which will give their guests a unique and authentic experience.

Founder and CEO of The PostCard Hotel, Kapil Chopra stated that The Postcard Hotels were launched with the understanding that the future of luxury hospitality was in small experiential hotels with very high levels of personalized service. They have increasingly seen people opt for these kind of intimate and remote destinations, even more so after the pandemic. The hotel’s revenue jumped by 51 percent and guests gave highest ratings on both TripAdvisor and World Travel Awards.

Among the award winning hotels were The Postcard Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat which was voted as ‘Asia’s Leading Wildlife Resort’ and ‘India’s Leading Wildlife Resort’ and The Postcard Velha, Old Goa as ‘India’s Best Wellness Retreat’.