10 May 2024

The Body Shop, a global ethical beauty brand, has revamped its store design concepts to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage. It has transformed its existing stores in New Delhi, Kochi, and Ahmedabad to display India’s vibrant heritage. For instance, at New Delhi’s T1D Airport store, The Body Shop has iconic Indian monuments such as India Gate, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, and Lotus Temple along the Yamuna river.

In Ahmedabad, the store has a unique design concept that showcases the city’s natural beauty and vibrant culture e.g., the mural in the store is about empowered rural women welcoming nature, which symbolises the brand’s commitment towards using natural ingredients.

This new store design concept is a step forward in its mission to have a positive impact on the people and the planet. In 2022, it started Activist workshop stores and in 2019 it launched the Recycling Programme where customers could recycle their product packaging. Today, 70% of the brand’s packaging is completely recyclable. The latest store design concept supports the eco-conscious mission of the brand.  It uses recycled plastics and reclaimed wood in its fixtures and aluminium facade, a low-energy and recyclable material. Even the worktops are made with 100% recycled materials.