With an aim to achieve a circular economy for plastic cosmetics containers, Shiseido, Sekisui Chemical and Sumitomo Chemical have joined hands. By this initiative, used plastic cosmetic containers would be collected and then be converted back to cosmetics containers with no need to sort them. A wide variety of plastics are used to make cosmetics containers and so sorting them before recycling is difficult. Recycled polyolefin would be used for plastic containers by Shiseido. They would also introduce a scheme to be able to collect plastic cosmetic containers at the retail stores. “BR ethanol technology” will be utilised by Sekisui Chemical to convert used plastic into ethanol. Then Sumitomo Chemical, with the help of a certain technology would convert ethanol into ethylene which would later be converted to polyolefin products. More related companies would be called in by the three companies to join in the effort to create a more circular economy.