Philips has launched a new facial hair remover, BRR454 Facial Hair Remover. This robust yet gentle hair remover has been added to the brand’s product range in the female grooming segment. Women can use this gadget to remove facial hair on the chin, upper lips, cheeks, jawline.

Philips new product features a 360-degree Hypoallergenic technology that offers a gentle hair removal experience. It also has a non-invasive hair trimming technology that is gentle on the skin without harming it. The gadget stands out from its counterparts as it cuts close to the skin removing the stubborn hair and the peachy fuzz. Thus, the hair does not grow back darker and thicker. Another significant feature of the remover is its self-sharpening blades that allow users to remove hair close to the skin, giving perfect results. Equipped with a full-circle LED light and built-in mirror, the gadget allows users to remove the finest hair with ease.

The BRR454 Facial Hair Remover is a compact and lightweight product with a protective cap that makes it ideal for use on the go. Its head is made  of corrosion-free material and can be washed, making it more hygienic. It has a two-year warranty and is available at any retail store as well as online for Rs. 2,195.