Procter & Gamble has released a new study that shows an increasing number of more than 75% of the US population struggling with hair loss. However, most of them do not take any care or treatment for it. The reasons for hair loss could be many including, age, genetics etc. Dermatologists suspect some oxidative stress on the scalp surface could be responsible too.

This stress could be due to damaging free radicals that we see in the environment like UV and pollution. These radicals are known to increase skin aging and upset the scalp skin barrier.

These research findings have helped P&G come up with a novel preventive solution with Keep It Anchored’s systems. In this, the hair is strengthened at the root so that less hair falls while combing or washing. Some products with Keep It Anchored’s System include kits for women and men comprising Hair Anchoring Essences, Pre-Cleansers, Shampoos and Conditioners.