A colour palette with 12 shades found naturally that make use of nature’s healing powers is included in OPI’s 2022 Fall Collection. Earthy, dark brown shades represent balance while purple, yellow, red are like the ruddy tones found in the natural formation of rocks and blue, metallic gold, black pearl represent the wellness energies like water, sound, etc. This collection is inspired by the natural elements- water, fire, air and earth. The intention behind connecting colours to the world can help connect the wearer to the natural healing powers of the Earth to soothe, empower and motivate them. This collection was made available from August 1, 2022. GelColor provides perfect finish, High-shine finish and traditional lacquer application is provided by Infinite Shine, Nail Lacquer provides even application without streaking and Powder Perfection requires you to dip your nails in the powder and it delivers a quick, no-light curing application.