Nikky Bawa Medi-salon’s Aesthetica has introduced a weight loss laser and a non-invasive body contouring procedure using HPC technology from South Korea. These services are currently available in Bhopal.

Founder, Dr. Sahiba Bawa, a Face, Body Augmentation Expert, Aesthetic Physician, and Trichologist is one of the two doctors in India who practices this procedure. Her clinic Sahiba’s Medi-salon, provides services like body whitening, body sculpting, non-surgical facelift, fillers, hair regrowth, hair extension, lasers. Being a trained and board certified professional from South Korea for non-surgical face, and body contouring, she is sought after by models and fashionistas. She uses the most advanced non-surgical techniques adopting high-quality and ethical practices. Presently, she is looking at teaching students who want to learn the art of non-surgical body contouring.

Dr. Sahiba aims to expand the services at her medi-salon and is on the verge of launching a wide range of products and reach out to other parts of India through multiple outlets.


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