Naturals Salon is India’s largest salon chain, with their business spread over 750 locations. Recently, they launched Naturals Beauty Academy (NBA) in Mumbai in collaboration with StarStruck by Sunny Leone. The event was attended by CK Kumaravel (Co-founder and CEO of Naturals), Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber, Allen John (COO, Naturals and Naturals Beauty Academy), and Make Earth Green Again (MEGA) Foundation Ambassador, Rupali Suri.

The Academy has revamped the training modules by curating innovative formats — practicals and theory — for students, making them ‘industry-ready’. They have incorporated rituals and services introduced in spas and salons. Additionally, the practical training includes freelancing, bridal, makeovers, fashion grooming, hair extensions, hairstyling, hair treatments, nail art and extensions, modern facilities, and body treatments.

Inspired by their upskilled and trained employees, they have extended this training to more people helping them get trained under the banner of ‘Naturals Beauty Academy’. This landmark partnership is set to redefine beauty education in India and taking the initiative for a cruelty-free beauty industry. This will integrate consciousness, quality, and cruelty-free practices among the students.

“Cruelty-free beauty is not just beneficial for animals but is equally important for our planet. Animal testing adds to the pollution of our ecosystems and generates substantial waste. Cruelty-free practice ensures that we contribute to reducing the ecological footprint associated with animal testing. The effort of the Naturals-StarStruck collaboration is to bring in a new era of sophistication and responsibility with beauty,” averred Sunny Leone.

C K Kumaravel, Co-Founder of Naturals, expresses his enthusiasm about this collaboration, “With the recent launch of Naturals Beauty Academy in Borivali, Mumbai, the city is poised to experience a transformative shift in beauty education, emphasizing creativity and skill development. And who else would be a better person than Sunny Leone to underline the beauty with a cause.”

The partnership aims to unite resources and expertise while ushering in a new era of beauty and prioritizing quality, consciousness and cruelty-free practices. It also wishes to redefine beauty landscape and offer a ‘feel good’ factor for clients and students.